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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Oh, I'm so sad to read of Cleopatra's passing. :( I just showed her photo to my daughter a couple of days ago and she thought she was beautiful, too.

Well, I had an interesting day! My H and I went to the East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil show in Springfield, MA. (It continues tomorrow and Sunday if anyone wants to go, and there won't be any tax charged the next 2 days.) I wore my Fijian pearl on my mother's box chain, and while I was standing at a booth with my husband, I was approached by a P-Ger named Stephanie, who asked if I was wearing a Fijian pearl! How rare is that-- meeting someone from the forum who recognizes Fijian pearls! We had a nice chat. She said she doesn't post much but maybe she will visit the forum soon. :)

Here it is, photo taken just a few minutes ago. It's picking up the green from my top.

Fijian pearl in evenng light.jpeg
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Oh Sheri, so sorry about sweet Cleopatra’s passing. You’re honoring her very well with your lovely cloisonné pendant! I know she appreciates you AND the thought.


New member
Thank you for the lovely shout out, Pearl Dreams! Your Fijian pearl is truly stunning and it immediately grabbed my attention.

I have been an infrequent browser at this forum for many years but have forgotten my original username so I created a new account. I hope to be a very frequent poster :)

I adore golden South Sea pearls but I also love all other types of pearls. Seeing pictures of Tahitian pearls when I was in middle school is actually the catalyst for my obsession with gems, jewelry, and pearls, so Tahitians are definitely special to me.

My most recent pearl purchase is a blue baroque Vietnamese akoya necklace that is approximately 23 inches long. The pearls range from 3-6 mm in diameter and have the most wonderful blue color. The necklace is actually a combination of a strand and a bracelet. The strand was purchased on Loupetroop and was originally from PearlParadise. I bought the bracelet from PP in July during the summer clearance sale. I promise to take pictures of myself wearing the strand tomorrow!

For now, here is a terrible picture of the strand. It looks quite silver in the photo but is much more blue in person.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Ooh, nice! I'd also love to see a neck shot of the the GSS you mentioned when we chatted today at the show. :)

I only wish there were more nice pearls at that show; I saw lots of low end FWP.


New member
I'm so sorry about Cleopatra Sheri, such a beautiful cat. I to have an older cat, around 12, that have been poorly for the last year. She gets hairballs stuck in her intestines, we give her medicin and eventually they pass. Then she is a happy healthy cat for a month, then another round of hairballs. We did take her to the wet, they can take them out with surgery, but since she gets them so regularly it's no use. They gave us medicin though, but it takes forever to work. I really dont want to loose her


New member
Oh Sheri so much love to you. I’m glad you have that beautiful pendant to give you a bit of comfort (and Starbucks never hurts either!)

PD, what great luck! Hopefully Stephanie will post a lot now, too.

Pearlsandstars, love your blue baroque Akoya!


New member
Oh no, la_corsetiere, I'm so, so sorry about Cleopatra :( It is always such a rough time when we lose a loved companion. Hugs and strength.


Active member
Thanks, Jesskat. Thomas had the perfect pearl for what I wanted & it turned out very well. He also does special orders in gold but I wanted this one in silver.


New member
Should I redo in leather?

Should I redo in leather?

I had loose pearls, was going to do lariat. Person I use to string my pearls offered to do something different. Like it, but thinking now I want leather. What do you folks think? Any suggestions?


Active member
Pearls strung on leather would need the hole drilled large enough to accommodate the size of leather you use. The necklace you made looks nice.


Active member
Fist Full of Pearls, starring Purrt Eastwood. Now playing in a theater near you!

If little h says that lapis is the pearl lining, then I'm laying on the lapis and pearls tomorrow.