Ruckus 2019


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Jun 22, 2004
Hisano and I spent a bit of time discussing the ruckus this year and have decided that we are taking this year off. We are not going to host a ruckus this summer. The ruckus happens every year the weekend before our anniversary, so we've decided to spend some time traveling over the summer instead of planning the ruckus.

I'm sorry we are we are already six months out, but we decided to wait until after Hong Kong to be sure this is what we wanted to do this year.

This also means the next ruckus will have to be extra-epic :cool::cool::cool:
That's understandable Jeremy,
Ruckus 2020 will be what I look forward to! Happy traveling!!
WHEW!!! I was thinking I needed to take this year off, too. Now I won't miss anything!

Jeremy and Hisano, you have a glorious, happy anniversary, and I'll see you next year. You deserve a year off.
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I'm very glad to know that you two will be having some needed and well deserved time off!
Will miss the Ruckus festivities but yes that just means we can look forward to Ruckus 2010!!!
So grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the ruckuses in the past, THANK YOU Jeremy & Hisano for all of the past AMAZING Ruckuses!

Haha coincidentally my Ruckus GSSP pair just came back from setting from PP today along with my Feb special loot. Will post pics on the other threads!
Completely understandable. You both should take time for yourselves. I've spent enough money this year & really need to replenish my pearl fund.
I greatly enjoyed the two ruckuses(?) I've been to, and I will certainly look forward to 2020. Thank you.! Have a great fun anniversary.
You definitely deserve to have time off!!! Enjoy your trip and thank you for all you've done for us pearl gals and guys!
Have the most wonderful time traveling and enjoying your time away. You will be able to celebrate and relax so much more without your travel being work-related! I am so appreciative of all your generosity and hospitality over the years. You definitely deserve a real vacation! ENJOY!!! :eek::eek::eek:
Wow! I was planning to come to ruckus this year as it is a milestone birthday year for me and I also am transitioning my practice to a new dentist and will have more free time. But..... now I can plan for 2020( save up the $!) and Jeremy, I wish you and Hisano a very Happy Anniversary.
Yes, I think we all think it is a good idea to spend some time on yourself and Hisano. You have been overwhelmingly gracious putting together the Ruckus for the last ten years. It is all good. Maybe even you can delegate some of the planning to others on P-G. We would all be up for contributing to the fun. I put myself on the list to help organize.
Please post pictures of your travels...
I was busily plotting to attend the Ruckus this year, and yet, I'm also kind of thrilled that it will be next year—which allows for more time to get logistics ironed out and the Pearl Purse filled up more! :rolleyes:

I hope you and Hisano have a wonderful anniversary celebration and get in some deep R&R.

Reading another post about the plural of Ruckus ("Ruckuses"), I'm thinking it might be "Rucki" (pronounced like Ruck-eye), given that the plural for hippopotamus is hippopotami. ;)
I am so grateful for every ruckus that I was able to attend. You and Hisano are enormously generous people. I treasure the exquisite pearls that I have able to purchase, but even more so, the wonderful pearl friends that I have made. My life has been so enriched. I never expected that there would necessarily be a ruckus every year, so thank you again for the ones that you hosted.
Jeremy and Hisano, y'all DESERVE a wonderful vacation! i so much appreciate all you do for this community, and have adored each and every Ruckus i've been able to attend (even Ruckuses that i did not, but got to live vicariously through this forum!). THANK YOU and have a great 2019 anniversary!
The sanest decision yet from our Pearl King and Queen!!! I'm so glad you both decided to take a break. Your generosity in hosting these amazing Ruckuses will, and has, gone down in history. Thank you for the many beautiful memories and experiences!
What a wise decision, Jeremy and Hisano! You absolutely deserve some time to yourselves to just hang out and play with Happy or travel. Honestly, I've wondered how you can keep going at such a pace, although the events are exciting and rewarding! So grateful to have experienced each amazing Ruckus!

In the meantime, we will just keep having our regional mini-Ruckuses, so if anyone is vacationing in or passing through the Portland Oregon area and wants to get together, please let me know.
Much as I will miss seeing my pearl buddies this year, I am grateful for Jeremy and Hisano's amazing generosity over the years. Happy travels!!!
I've never been able to attend a Ruckus, but I do enjoy all the photos!

Just a thought, but many conventions are biannual. The Ruckus events are clearly a lot of work, so perhaps it's something to consider going forward?
Jeremy and Hisano, you have been incredibly generous hosting for the past 10 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 I was privileged to attend. I hope you have a wonderful summer travelling and enjoying each other.