Red dyed CFWPearls are becoming more popular every year

Wow! Red hots is a candy I haven't had in years! Never liked them though, lol.

But yeah that strand is so bright! Like something you'd buy in a candy store :p
I was never really in to red pearls before but now they all seem really yummy to me!
I've seen the thread about stability of dyes...are these red pearls likely to have a stable dye?
These are done with a stable, permanent dye. I'm expecting to have them available here on Wednesday, Oct. 1'st. If all of them aren't sold by Thursday (Oct. 2nd), I'll put them on Thursday's sale as well.
I know I hinted at a Christmas strand earlier, so here it is. As a Christmas strand, I love it! If you hate it, I don't want to know. (Just kidding)

How funny and very clever - everybody will want a flashing pearl necklace now!