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  • Seems like you're pretty busy these days, and don't pop in here often, but Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday anyway!
    I know it is a little late....but it is good to keep the celebrations going for a while! Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great time! :)
    A belated thank you for an outstanding translation of my website. You da man!
    Ah yes, well, the French have historically always been a very quiet and shy people with not much to say, so I understand completely. I like the way you wrote a message to yourself though---very creative. I gotta try that.
    Hmmm...who's the fire and who's the ice?? Oh, you mean the lunacy of the poster message. It would make more sense if they were culturing Tahitians in the waters around Quebec. Sort of.
    Why am I not on your "friends" list, you crazy French-dude(oh sorry, I mean Belgian) living near a castle belonging to a descendant of Jesus???? We go back a long way to more "lunatic" times on P-G. Or maybe you don't want to remember THAT.
    Hi iv finaly recieved the information iv required to put a price on my collection, im still waiting for the new scales iv ordered to get a more accurate weight, I can say there is over 150 crts of gem quailty pearls and over 90 crts of horns in total plus more that i havnt weighed if you are a genuine buyer email me on antzbateman@hotmail.com Regards Anthony
    "P?cheur de Perles", every time I see that, I remember one of the happiest moments of my life - I got to stand in the wings and watch Richard Leech and a pretty good, but unremembered baritone sing the duet during that opera. I was doing the cast party and they came and brought me upstairs because they knew I was wild about that song. <sigh>

    Enough of opera! -- I don't think anyone can top the flashing string of pearls, ever! Congratulations on the brilliant execution of a wacky idea. I owe you a drink! ;)
    Hey Effisk,
    I see you have put as much energy into your page as I have.:) Have any kite or surf pics?
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