Purple Rain Rope and Stick Pearl Suite


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Jan 6, 2016
I've been busy at work and I'm still trying to catch up on what everyone has been up to! I did squeeze in time to finish these projects -- they had to get done for birthdays this week.

For my sister, a 60-inch rope. She is new to pearls and doesn't like anything too big or flashy. She likes the look of tahitians, but was worried about the sizes being too big. This was fine, as I didn't have the budget for a tahitian rope!! We looked at a ton of listings for dyed freshwaters, and she ultimately chose purpley dyed rice pearls. They were sold as 7-8mm, but I would say they were a little on the small side of that range. She wanted something smaller than my lavender rope, so it was actually fine. It took 4 strands to make the rope. These are very difficult to capture, and look extremely different depending on the light. In natural light, they are much more purple and lustrous. In indoor lighting I wasn't as impressed. But she's quite happy with them as she wanted them to be understated. They are knotted on Violet Beaders Secret with a plated gunmetal clasp and antique silver gimp.


For mom, who likes bolder pieces and matchy sets, I bought 2 strands of pink/lavender stick pearls. I made a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. These are knotted on Shell Beaders Secret with sterling infinity clasps.

Natural light
Necklace only, natural light
Indoor lighting
Necklace and bracelet linked (please excuse the PJs!)
Custom PP, AAA FW triple strand bracelet. Direct sunlight.
Custom PP, AAA FW triple strand bracelet. Direct sunlight. My camera doesn't pick up everything. It'


  • Custom PP, AAA FW triple strand bracelet. Direct sunlight.
    Custom PP, AAA FW triple strand bracelet. Direct sunlight.
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Very nice, enbcfsobe! I'm sure they will wear them lots.
Lovely pieces. Thank you for the pictures.
Those are wonderful presents! I am partial to the coloration of the stick pearls - lovely! :)
I love handmade presents especially when they're made by someone you know. These are def wonderful gifts!
I love the purple rain rope. I bet the greenish/yellowish color of indoor light is probably neutralizing the purple, which is why they don't look as good indoors.
Purranha -- thanks so much! i was inspired (as usual) by your named ropes to give this one a name.

Tucs -- thank you :) My sis just texted to say she's wearing Purple Rain today (very appropriate given the weather here on the east coast!). I hope mom likes the stick pearls (delivering them on Sunday).

Thanks, Red!

GemGeek -- thanks much! the sticks were less lavender and more pink overall then I'd hoped, but they are lustrous and very colorful. i saved one of the most lavender ones (really more of a lilac color) for myself.

Bailey -- i'm hoping the handmade gifts are well-received by mom. i feel a bit selfish b/c of the level of enjoyment i got out of the projects. but hey, that's 2 birds with one stone (or $), right?

BWeaves -- thanks! the lighting color could explain it, especially because we have a lot of LED bulbs. they are economical but not pretty.

JerseyPearl -- thanks so much! i was hesitant to use a plated clasp but I figure it will probably need to be restrung before the plating wears off.
These are fabulous! *sigh* I need to learn to knot! And wire wrap!
Nice work, enbcfsobe! Those are two lucky ladies! And I love the name of your rope! :)
Both creations are lovely. Especially love the pink sticks :)