Purple Quahog Pearl Appraisal


May 17, 2018
Hi all,

First post, and hoping someone can help! Six years ago I happened to find a purple quahog pearl inside of a clam. I've held on to it and not done much with it since, but I'd like to get it appraised. I'm running into road blocks around my area trying to find an appraiser. Either places have never appraised one and want to charge me an arm and a leg to 'try', or they won't appraise it and have no suggestions on who to go to. Does anyone know of a reputable appraiser I can use for this, preferably near the Philadelphia area? If I need to either drive somewhere or ship it, I can do so. Thanks in advance!

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I'm afraid your photo isn't showing up. Try sizing it smaller and post it again. :)

Quahog pearls can be more or less valuable depending on their color, size and shape. It may help you to see photos of some that are listed on The Pearl Collector and Kari Pearls.


These are retail prices but it may give you an idea of replacement value if you are considering insuring the pearl. However, if you are planning to sell the pearl, then remember one sells at wholeale-- the vendor would need to be able to mark it up in order make a profit when reselling it.

Just as a matter of information, there is no buying, selling or advertising on Pearl-Guide.
I still don't see a photo! :confused:

Did you try sizing the photo smaller? Also if you are uploading photos from a smartphone, you have to use the desktop version of Pearl-Guide.
It's cute, and dark purple.

Have you considered having it set in a ring? It's a nice size for a ring and could be worn by either a man or a woman.
Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I'm not much of a jewelry person, which is why I was hoping to go the appraisal route... it seems like thepearlcollection.com or karipearls.com would probably be good places to start? Thanks all!