Pearls from Phillipines, what do you think?

Kathleen Conway

Pearls, passionately
Nov 25, 2006
(I've never tried to post with an attachment before so hope you can open this.)

My friend Vicky bought these pearls in Manila; they are enormous. Obviously dyed. She paid $1000.

She told me they are "baroque" but I'd call them (huge) buttons. Any opinions? (She offered it these to me but I declined. They are too garishly coloured for my taste.)


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I saw a lot of pearls like that when I was in Manila...and since then on various in-laws of mine. These are pretty good for a Pow of a look but I agree that dyed pearls, in particular, can be a rather specific taste. You should see some of the colors that the Filipinas wear - they make this look sedate.
Nice! Those are huge, but I agree the colors aren't the best choice.

I'm planning on going to philipines in 2012, I'm excited.