Thoughts on these estate sale Mikimotos?


Dec 3, 2017
Hello! I’m not a regular here but lurk a lot and love pearls!

Hoping to get some opinions on my estate sale Mikimotos. My mom attended the sale a couple of weeks ago and found these. She knows I love pearls so she sent me a few poor quality phone pictures; I just got a promotion at work and had had two glasses of wine when she called so I decided to throw caution to the wind and I asked her to buy them for me (I paid her back!). They were asking $900 but good old mom haggled then down to $800. The woman loves a negotiation!

I finally got them in my hands today and took some better pictures. I think the clasp looks right but open to more takes on that from people who know more than me!

The pearls are quite small, I’d guess 5.5-6mm. I may be in the minority but I actually prefer smallish, I have larger pearls and smaller ones and usually reach for the smaller. They are very pretty but I’m guessing lower quality for Mikimoto?

Anyway, did I do ok? I know the Miki name causes probably causes some price inflation, but it feels bougie to wear the brand name!

Wow, they look great on you! I’m not a Miki expert, they’ll probably be here in a minute, but the clasp looks right. I mean the marks look right, I don’t know if smaller clasps than this were used on smaller pearls (please hurry over, Experts...)

I just had to jump in, say hi and you’ve got the perfect neck and jawline for smaller pearls. Beautiful!
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I’m not expert either but the clasp looks like a Miki and the strand looks that it was made for you! Btw, love the t-shirt and pearls combo!!
Thank you both! I appreciate the validation about the small size, I know it’s not the norm for women of my age group to go so small but I also know stature, demeanor, style, and preference matter! I think most on this forum will ultimately agree that people should wear what they like.

I thought to wipe them down last night, they must have been quite dirty because they look a lot nicer after. You can see some of the blemishes well in these photos, but also how lustrous they are.

This is the clasp I remember on the Miki's I sold at Nordstrom Fine Jewelry many years ago, when Miki's were their premier line of pearls.
The luster looks very good and the pearls are well matched.

A strand this size is certainly versatile, will work with a pendant-enhancer, or layer with other pieces if you like that look. Lots of inspirational photos here on the forum!

There's no way to judge the pearl quality from photos. I think your Mom did ok with the price, and you are happy with them! Recommend you watch for signs of the silk thread stretching or fraying, especially in the clasp area. There's no way to know how many years ago these were strung. You look great in this size and length necklace, so enjoy!!
The clasp looks legit. The pearls are well matched and have great luster. I don't recall seeing those kinds of flaws on Mikimoto pearls, but they still look great. The price is excellent. I think you got a great deal. The size of the pearls looks great on you.