Pearls from Palawan, Philippines

Thanks everyone. This was one of 3 pearls from Palawan Island. Friend purchased for me when she went.
Good job! I think you will enjoy wearing this pearl frequently.

And yes, I love using paper towels to get the true pearl color. :)
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Hello Cees! I’m new here. After reading this thread, it’s seams you’re the go to person, for Golden South Sea pearls.

Would you know where I can go to buy wholesale, descent quality, Golden South Sea pearls? What area? Which vendors? Preferably on the darker gold side🙏
Dear Vaiua, thank you for addressing me for golden pearls. Beauitful golden pearls come from the Philippines and I saw myself also very beautiful Golden pearls when I visited a pearlfarm in Northern Sulawesi on Pulau Talisei in the vincinity of Manado.
Also amazing Golden from Myanmar.

I get my golden pearls from my partners in Bangkok and Kobe. I like Golden from Jewelmer a lot, also from Cogent and the pearlfarm in Nothern Sulawesi. Myanmar pearls are normally 30 percent more expensive.