Is this a good buy? Edison Pearls

Pearlie Sue, sorry for not answer your questions earlier. About luster, it's always difficult to tell. Mostly I ask. If the wendor has to good photos, sometimes the pearls disapoints.
I have bought lots of pearls from both Pearlescence and Cees. They have great pearls and many times they can find what I look for if they don't have them in stock. Pearlescence website is uk based, Cees sells mostly from Instagram and Facebook (? Don't have Facebook so I don't know for sure).
Same here! I just thank God for the folks who re-homed their pearl babies, (Cough, cough, you know who you are) and for Sales!
Still, I’m not repentant. I’d be heading for pearls, no matter where I started in life.

I'm sort of repentant... Some purchases I would love to have reversed and the money back in my account. Others just make me feel bad because I rarely wear pearls these days, just the same Kamoka on leather. But I arranged some handmade wooden trays with my best pearls on my bathroom counter so I get to look at them - while counting in my how much they all cost me :D Maybe I should compare those strands to artwork instead. I mean, how can you put a price on the art of nature?
Better times will come back :) and I'm hoping we will be able to rejoin our Social lives and for you -beautiful people- to wear your Natural Art pieces again. I am so hoping for this.
We are just like pearls...and this is just another layer of experience for us. I'm trying to see it from a certain perspective: once we are "free" again we will not take it for granted and we will be more grateful...I know I will :)
My lack of wearing pearls is nothing new and not related to covid-19 :) I have been working remote for over 5 years. I always get dressed and usually work in cafés. They just don't call me to wear them much.