Pearls By The Bay 2021

I've been chuckling over all your comments re: pearls vs. in-laws. Charlotta, you are so right about pearls never being rude or talking too much...I love my in-laws, but.... 2thdktr, I've noticed that glazed look, too! And I've seen some eye-rolls as well. KarenK, :18:. Pattye and CathyKeshi, I think he is getting closer to embracing the Pearl Cult; last night he asked me what kind of pearls I was wearing. Progress!

Thank you all for the laughs...helps me get over my disappointment.
TriciaS ... I'm sure your inlaws are lovely people, who love you very much ... but have you considered offering them "alone time with their wonderful son" ... lol? I'm so glad Walter hovers on the fringes of our cult. He's very useful for carrying luggage, taking out trash, taping the edges of white steps, buying snacks ... and the best part: he's quite content with his one pearl on leather cord, leaving the rest of the pearl budget to me ;) Look forward to meeting you in person 2thdktr!
Walter is not only useful, I’d consider it more, helpful. He is one of us, right in the thick of it. You’re the best Walter! Looking forward to dining on oyster appetizers with you! Hmmm, somehow I see dessert in the picture, too!:yup::lmao:
That's the way to Walter's heart ... oysters and dessert LOL! Room booked, flight booked ... maybe I need that car after all, so we can ride up to the oyster farm ... Walter is VERY helpful opening and grilling oysters there ;)
Aw, was hoping you could make it this year, JerseyPearl ... you will be missed. Glad to hear you had a relaxing time in Santa Cruz; Walter and I are taking a few extra days in CA in fall, not sure where we'll head yet, maybe Monterey.
I want to come, but I can't. Not only did my pearl budget go to relandscaping my house this year. But I'm not comfortably sitting on planes for 10 hours with a bunch of strangers. Oh, if only I lived closer. I'd love to come.

Plus, I just bought a bunch of cool Japanese braiding equipment, and I want to buy a new floor loom.
We’ll miss seeing you BWeaves, and one of these days I’ll meet you in person, JerseyPearl!

Cathy, I was thinking of just walking down the waterfront to Spinnaker’s for oysters!
Anyone up for "Vegan Oysters"??? We could shuck some "Oyster mushrooms"? :31:
I'll be more than happy to join in with a Beer!
Absolutely, Douglas! Your beer is on me!:veryhappy:

I forgot to mention JerseyPearl, sea otters are one of my very favorite critters to watch. They are so entertaining!!!
JerseyPearl, we love to drive to Morro Bay while in CA ... out on the sand spit by Morro Rock, you can sit and watch a big colony of sea otters frolic ... and they are in close within feet ... I could stay there all day! BWeaves, those landscaping and weaving goals are all great. Look forward to seeing what you create; but do know you will be missed :) Douglas ... you know we'll be sure there will be vegan food for you!!! Jeg ... Walter will walk anywhere for oysters lol.
I've been kind of obsessing on baby sea otters lately..
Also I love that the new alternate title for this party is :
Pearls By the Bay : Your In-laws will not be there. LOL
I've been kind of obsessing on baby sea otters lately..
Also I love that the new alternate title for this party is :
Pearls By the Bay : Your In-laws will not be there. LOL

:lmao: I love it!
I have my tickets ready and just waiting for my second COVID vaccine shot!
So: No in-laws and no COVID...just friends, pearls and a great time! :fest30:
Yay Douglas! So glad to hear you're one shot in, and one to go; Walter and I were just fretting about this. I'm not bringing any inlaws either ... if we don't count Walter lol.
Wait… did someone say “fabulous Pearl Party by the Bay at the most beautiful time of the year there, with some of the most gorgeous people in the world attending???”

We may have to plan a trip and find a babysitter for the day!!

I have been thinking of all you a ton, so I’m sure my mom wants me to get out and celebrate with ALL of her fabulous pearls that have been safely tucked away for way too long.

We were actually planning a trip to see family there in October, so this is very serendipitous, actually. I would love to see everyone
Would LOVE to see you there! :07:
Zoe! We remember you fondly and would love to see you!
Zoe!!! You absolutely must come! It has been way too long…hoping to see you in October!!!

xo Sheri

I apologize haven’t been back to respond! So much has been happening. We are still not sure if we can make it happen to make it up there in a few weeks, but we love you all