Pearl stringing silk


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Sep 11, 2007
Our company hs been stringing since 1939. So. For some time good silk has been difficult to buy and lots of
imitation silk has been raved. Italian silk isn't as easy to work with. We purchased silk from Rio Grands, make in China, super stuff. Very slippery (from the length of the individual silk threads) which is essential for "move knotting" or knotting without a tool. For us purest only silk should be used on pearls like 14k, 18k, or platinum on diamonds. We just finished a 100 inch knot (2.5 M).
Nope. I have a couple tall spools give to me by a japanese pearl firm last year when I was unable to buy Tyre silk any more. Since then we have scrounged around until this product. We use "e" on .6mm holes and "F" on .8mm. . Always double thread with a leader and Japanese stiff needles. Most holes are drilled to .8 mm so F is the most common. Tyre brand had their own weight system. We carry to AAA to O .