Pearl Prices


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May 14, 2015
We just returned from exhibiting at the June Hong Kong jewellery show. We were very pleased with the show. The price increases for fine Akoya are however, truly shocking. Most decent quality Japanese goods are up well over 200% since January. Fine clean white round South Sea is not far behind in terms of increase. The new prices are clearly not sustainable or are they?
I guess its TIME TO BUY before the prices go up again!
Would anyone know roughly
Natural Basra Pearl
what the value of this Basra pearl would be.

Natural Pearl Certificate
Not my area of specific expertise but I would expect a GIA certificate. That certificate, from an unknown assessor, just says it is a real pearl as opposed to imitation.
I agree with Pearlescence. That certificate does not seem kosher to me...Real Pearl as Opposed to Imaginary?