Pearl necklace casing


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Dec 28, 2017

I wanted to create a thread about pearl casing and it's variety of design.
I now own several good examples, from various french and english jewellers, big houses or unknown jewellers, from I think late XIX to 40's.
Here are two casings I have, with pearls inside, the first case is probably from 30's to 50's period, not easy to get sure.
It's made from leather imitation paper, no brand, I used it for my first restring.
Second is older, probably 1910 or earlier, the necklace inside is very old.
Third is probably victorian era, it's for a pearl and amethyst necklace, empty for now, because it's hard to find such a necklace for a decent price even it's still not the most expensive.

IMG_7248.jpg695£ 1.jpgIMG_8342.jpg

I will share other cases tomorrow and following days, including a cartier case,a Lacloche case, and some old english and french cases
Oh, this is wonderful! I find these old cases fascinating ... look forward to more :)
OH, I love these old pearl cases with interesting swirls.
So interesting, and that first case is a beautiful way to showcase pearls
A new case, I put a necklace inside for the picture.
I think original necklace inside had a silver clasp with single diamond, victorial era.
Sadly, I bought such a necklace a year ago with a shorter section and TWO diamond clasps, but it was stolen during shipping.

I've been searching for a spiral cases for my natural strands - I think they're so lovely! I wish current day case makers would revive them...
I love that first case! And the strand! Can't wait to see more!