Worth of my pearl necklaces


Dec 11, 2023
Hi everyone! I acquired these pearls from a dear friend. They are in a gold leather folding pouch. 2 necklaces in different lengths. Slight difference in color also. The case says fine cultured pearls. I am looking to find out how much this set might be worth. Thank you.

Worth of my pearl necklacesWorth of my pearl necklacesWorth of my pearl necklacesWorth of my pearl necklaces
I can take better photos tomorrow in daylight
It's difficult to tell much about them from the photos. One strand appears to be mostly bead (the nacre has worn off), but the other strand looks like it may still be ok.
thank You for the reply. What is nacre? Iam not familiar with pearl terminology.
You can find it defined here, but nacre is basically the pearl. A bead is inserted into a pearl oyster and nacre is deposited on the bead forming the cultured pearl.

If an akoya pearl has thin nacre, it will wear off over time, exposing the bead.
If you can post better pictures, preferably on a white background, we should be able to help you find out what type of pearls they are. With that information you can check eBay for similar strands that sold and see what they sold for.