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Dec 11, 2004
All the following books are available at huge discounts online and are also available in local libraries

The Book of the Pearl by George Frederick Kunz and Charles Hugh Stevenson
reprint by Dover Books, $17.95 new.

People and Pearls by Ki Hackney & Diana Edkins, Harper Collins 2000, $40.00, new.

The Pearl by Silvia Malaguzzi, Rizzoli Press, 2001 $75.00 new

Pearls: A Natural History by Neil H Landman, Paula Mikkelson, Harry N Abrams 2001 $55.00 new.

The Pearl Book: The Definitive Buying Guide : How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Pearls
by Antoinette L. Matlins, Gemstone Press 2002, $19.95 new

Pearl Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify and Select Pearls & Pearl Jewelry by Renee Newman, International Jewelry Publications; 2004
Books and Libraries

Books and Libraries

Thats it, I am going shopping with you next time! I have found some of these books for higher prices. The Pearl by Sylvia Malaguzzi is no longer in print and I found it at the GIA online store for approx 50.00 including tax having it shipped to Michigan!

Thanks for the info! Its really helpful!

I got a copy of the Pearl from Amazon for $3.98. Right now the cheapest price is $14.98. I can't stand to see you overpay-unless you got the original edition.

I would look here before anywhere else for all the books on above list are available cheap. I have had nothing but 100% satisfaction from this source and I saved bigtime. I hope it is not illegal to say this. I am in no way affiliated with them; it is just my opinion. I will remove this post if it isn't appropriate to mention them by name.
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What a great Deal! you lucky Duck!!!!

I was recently really burned by dealing with a supposed reputable online dealer in books..I cannot name names the case is still pending.. .So I am extremely cautious now!! But that is just me!

Were I looking to cover the bases without building a collection I think I would get Kunz Book of The Pearl and Donkin's Beyond Price.

Still have not gotten the Strack book. I do remember Caitlin's comment about it being fairly basic. How about a review?
freshwater pearl information

freshwater pearl information

Hi all,
I need to write the scenario of freshwater pearl cultivation and market. Could someone send some information (if possible in the web).
Thanks in advance

Ricardo Cunha Lima
Great book!! Pearls, A Natural History

Great book!! Pearls, A Natural History

I just picked up a copy of, Pearls: A Natural History while I was in New York, by Neil Landman, Paula Mikkelsen, Ruediger Bieler, Bennet Bronson.
This is an excellent recommendation Caitlin. This book has tons of beautiful pictures and it gives a lot of great information on the history of pearls. Love it!
Kunz, 'The Book of the pearl' online & free next to Streeter's 'Pearls and Pearling life' and others:HERE Not that it saves allot of cash, but there's hardly any faster way to get it :)

The 'Library' on the same website has some old numbers (Castellani, next to Agricola and Theophrastus!) with pearl notes including sources, species...
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Great stuff. I was interested in reading Streeter on pearls and looked for Pearls and the Pearling Life for years before finally purchasing a copy a couple of months ago. A month later it shows up online.

Best use of the internet I can think of. Still would have bought the book, beautiful edition but expensive.
Has anyone read that book:

A visually stunning, one-of-a-kind history of the shimmering, lustrous object of beauty that has mesmerized humankind for millennia. Featuring 210 superb photographs, 168 in full color, Pearls traces the evolution of the pearl from sacred icon to timeless aesthetic symbol, a history that spans 4,000 years. Shrink-wrapped.

What is it worth?
Hi Effisk,

I just finished reading it. It's got some very nice old black and white photos of Japanese women pearl divers that impressed me. It is big, so it makes for a good coffee table book.

The wife of Mr. Mikimoto's successor has written an introduction to this book, so make of that what you will.

Regardless though, I enjoyed the book and it is worth having in any pearl library. Lots of pics, lots of info, but don't expect any kind of indepth discussion of unusual collector pearls or how to culture them.

Hope that helps.


thanks for your answer.

I think I am more interested in the technical publications. I bought People & Pearls in August last year and I still haven't finished it, but I avidly read all the bulletins from the SPC. They started again to publish the bulletin in November 2006, after a couple of years off.

I will pass for that book by Kristin Joyce for now and invest in the English version of Strack's book.
Hi Effisk,

I am going through all the SPC bulletins like a kid at a candy store!
Double thanks for the link.

Slraep said:
Hi Effisk,

I am going through all the SPC bulletins like a kid at a candy store!
Double thanks for the link.

no worries :)

For some reason I thought everyone here knew about these bulletins.

The new editor, Paul Southgate, has been involved in the Port Stephens Pearls and/or the Coral Sea Pearls project at some stage, which we discussed last year on the board.