New Lavender Purple Baroque Strand

Please don't feel bad, Gemandpearlover! I have contacted Li, of course. I'm not sure if I will return or keep the strand at this point. I'm just guessing, likely the original listing was copied for subsequent ones, but the specs weren't changed, so I don't think the size was something Li purposely misrepresented.

I'm not ready to comment on whether I think the pearls are dyed, but will soon.

In every large lot of pearls, as they're sorted for temporary strands matched by size, color, luster, will have a slightly different character, color overtones. I'm sure every purple strand Li (or anyone) has will be somewhat different.
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Oh, Pattye, what a shame that they were not as you hoped. I say send them back and use the funds for pearls you’ll love.
There was something about the possibility of dyeing of the very dark purples from China on Kojima’s Instagram recently, I think.
Edited to add: here it is - doubts, but not certain
Personally, I don’t think it matters too much if the colour of freshwaters has been slightly “enhanced” if the result is pretty. But unfortunately this strand is just not amazing.
That is a beautiful strand Sydk!

Pattye- while you make your determination on the color being natural or not I thought I would give some more information on the pearls I have received. Li assures they are natural color btw. I examined each strand pearl by pearl. There a a few pearls that are bi-colored. Lavender on one side that fades to gold. Another is lavender on one side and rose colored on the other. I could include pics if that helps. Do you see that with dyed pearls?

I hope Li resolved the situation to your satisfaction.
My apologies for the late update ~

This strand has grown on me, as they sometimes do. It does have good luster and few blemishes. When I get a strand I'm not sure of, I give it time to "wake up" or maybe it's me that wakes up, lol. So the strand just hangs out where I can observe it over time. Li and I have corresponded about the size, which was the main problem, and she is sending some additional large pearls to compensate, which I haven't received yet.
To complicate matters, I told a client about these purple pearls AND before I got the first strand, ordered 2 more strands! Which are lighter and more silvery, but the size was correct and they have very good luster. The original strand is the darkest in the photo below.
As to whether the dark purple pearls are dyed or not ~ we don't exactly know how they are getting the dark colors. If color-treated, probably not in the same way as the inexpensive dyed pearls. But if something, a chemical or something is put into the water during the mussels' growing time or something in mussels' food that causes color change, or some other enhancing treatment that's done before/after harvest, it seems "natural." Thank you so much, SydK, for the link to Sarah's blog; she is so knowledgeable and Sarah definitely has her finger on the pulse of the pearl industry.
I wish I knew more! I am not opposed to dyed or color-treated pearls at all, just believe that treatments need to be disclosed.
Thanks for the update - I’d wondered what was the outcome of your investigation. I’m so glad your strand has grown on you. It looks lovely on that most recent photo. Definitely not as dark as the first one, but I think the silvery tone of the other two strands is pretty, too. And for freshwater pearls, they are still very dark.
The changes to freshwater pearls even in the few years that I’ve been paying attention to pearls have been astonishing - pearling technology in China is progressing amazingly fast.
Wowee! That’s purple! Can’t wait to see the rest of the posts.
I bought a purple strand as well. It's very purply, gorgeous color. I am going to watch it for fading though, so I think that I will try to take photos of it once a month or so and see if there is any change. I know that I cannot get the same light every time so it woun't be scientifically correct. But over time I might see some difference, I hope not.


When I compare them to my other purple edisons from Pearlescence, in my rainbow strand and in my huggies, then the Pearlescence edisons are smoother with higher luster. My Pearlescence edisons haven't changed at all. Still strong colors and high luster.


When compared to my strand of tiny rose lavender freshwater pearls.

I would like to know how that lavender color evolved to the deep purple one. I don't think that LiPearl sells dyed pearls. The pearls are gorgeous and the price was very good. I am very happy with my strand.
Very pretty Charlotta!

So.......with a recent strand I bought I knew there were a couple of pearls I knew I was not going to like so I asked Li to replace them. She sent me extra pearls to replace them. I took one pearl off the strand that I wanted to replace and smashed it. I honestly can't help myself.

Wow, that's thick nacre. Thanks for the smash. I don't have the guts to do it to my rejects. I should really give it a try on my few pearls that will never make it into a strand.

So, when you do a smash. Exactly how do you do it? Wrap the pearl in a towel and tap it with a hammer? A rubber mallet? Bang on it with a frying pan?
I just love smash photos, thanks for posting. So interesting. Amazingly thick nacre for such a round pearl.
Charlotta, lovely strand with the multicolors, good choice!

I honestly can't help myself.
So funny!
Thank you for the smash, GemandPearlover!! How did you do it? It truly tells a story! Does the nuclei look like mother of pearl or something else? That is thick nacre, a very good thing! What I do is put the pearl in a small baggie, lay it on a patio paver and hammer with increasing force until "something" happens. (I've launched too many pearls attempting to smash them without a baggie.)
Sorry for the late reply- work has been busy. I usually just wear safety glasses, put the pearl on a brick or outside on cement and hit it with a metal hammer. I have noticed that really good pearls have hard nacre and the hammer might even bounce back. Usually this happens with metallic pearls. This pearl was very hard and took a few times with the hammer to get it to split.

The nucleus is very white and very smooth. Doesn't seem like mother of pearl, it feels lighter in weight but hard for me to tell for sure.

Here are the latest strands from Li. The middle strand was created using the best pearls from two strands I received. There was a problem with both those strands in that they had some poor quality pearls that were not disclosed. I removed the bad pearls and made one kick butt necklace- but still............

The round strand on the left and the baroque on the right are very nice. The round was made from selecting the 12-13mm loose pearls. I bought 10 strands and have 9 necklaces that I will enjoy wearing so all in all I am happy with my purchases. But I would not buy any of the purple strands she has listed right now. I don't think they are the same quality as her previous strands.

Wow, these are absolutely amazing Gemandpearlover!!!! 10 strands???? :))))
When you have time can you share a picture of all 9 together? Just to have an extra special eye candy...Love these colors...I will definitely use your example when someone from my family complains that I buy too many pearls...:)) I must confess I bought a half-strand from Li :), will share when it gets here but, well, the shipments to Italy take two months now... Will enjoy looking at your beauties in the meantime, well done!!!!
Gemandpearlover, those strands are amazing. I still like my strand but are probably not going to buy another one. It's so very purple! My wardrobe basically has rather muted colors...jeans and blue, grey, brown, taupe, cranberry. Sort of forever autumn colored. That purple strand is best in small doses, I wear it one day and then I have to wear something soothing, like tahitians or golden south seas. Even not-husband commented on it and said : "that's really purple". He usually don't say much about my pearls. Anyway it changes color depending on the weather. Yesterday when I was taking photos it went dark a few times due to dark clouds. These two photos are taken minuters apart.

The last one is taken when it suddenly got dark. I really like that pearl that sometimes look bright pink. And I like that the strand are sort of multicolored purple. It's just so very purple...
Charlotta your strand is beautiful! You are right- the strands are very colorful and very purple. I am the opposite of you in that this color soothes me while my golden SS pearls never feel quite "right" when I wear them. I love to take them out and pet them, but rarely wear them. I love looking at the pics of your saltwater pearls, you have an amazing collection.

I'm the type of girl who likes the color of something- then buys a bunch of the same thing. I have 6 of every color T-shirt, and about 6 pink spinel rings. I think I have the hoarder gene- but being an OCD neat freak keep the hoarding to one closet and one dresser. So I liked these pearls- and hoarded them. Lol.

Eolian- I will snap a pic of the strand together for you and probably post them on Tuesday. It's raining now and I work long hours Monday.

Have a great day everyone. :)
Here you go Eolian. The last strand hasn't been strung and there is wet pearl dust between the pearls after I washed them. Four extra pearls to either add to a strand or do something with. The photos are not the best. I am gardening today and a bit exhausted at the moment from dragging around heavy items.

Have a great day everyone. :)


Indoors 8 of the strands:

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Thank you BWeaves and thanks to everyone for the nice comment and letting me share. :)

I added the 3 of the loose pearls to my green strand. It is purple/green but photographs green. After that I strung the 9th strand. Since I was replacing a 13mm pearl on the green strand I thick is the nacre on the big pearls?

IMG_6283 (1).jpg

Neck Shot Indoors:

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Wow, Gemandpearlover, I'm just taking all this in with amazement! What lovely colors you've edited and put together out of those strands, and still have strands many would be proud to wear. Good hunting, and great editing!