New Lavender Purple Baroque Strand

Your strands looks great on you Gemandpearllover. That nacre is really thick. It would be interesting to know how long it's was left in it's shell.
Wow these are all amazing Gemandpearlover!!! Thank you for sharing, they look absolutely stunning on you!
Swoon............Gemandpearlover !!

Wow all those strands are gorgeous. I am drooling...........

I am entranced by the last 3 strands you purchased. AMAZING, with their multi colorations. Just fabulous :)
Wow, oh Wow! I love lavender and purple, so I had to order one from Li too. They are really lovely. Here's my photo:
Linda those are so pretty. I am like you- very drawn to the color purple. Can't wait to see them again after you have strung them. :)