New Hoops!


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Feb 18, 2013
Howdy! Just thought I would show my newest treasures. Fedex dropped them off not 30 minutes ago and I couldn't wait for hubby to come home to see them, so I snapped a few shots. I have been dying for them to show up. Today happens to be the perfect day to wear them in Massachusetts: 80 degrees and sunny, already have my hair pulled back and a tube top dress on. Sorry my camera is kinda old. I took tons of pics but they just didn't come through clear. They are 10-11mm freshadamas on a 14k WG 55mm endless hoop @ 1.5mm thickness. Not a spec of imperfection to be found on them, and very lustrous. IMG 1215IMG 1216IMG 1217
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All I want to do is stare at them, but they are on my ear!
They look lovely on you!
I've never been able to wear big hoops, but they look very good on you!
You look Gorgeous and they look like Summer Fun!
Thanks. I wish I didn't have to work this weekend or else I could continuously wear them. They're so fun. My next project is a huge (17+) white south sea baroque. I have been searching the forum for inspiration. I really love the pictures. Send any ideas for a specific search my way! Thanks :)

Also, if you don't already know, The Pearl Society on ebay is known for huge pearls. I've bought a couple from them that I've been very pleased with.
You wear those well. So nice to see after rain and several rare gray days. ♡
You might well inspire an new painting of 'girl with a perl earring' :) Really lovely!
Thanks for the heads up Sea Urchin. I didn't know about them, and I will check them out.
Ooh, I love these freshadamas on hoops, they are so young and modern, go to earrings for sure.
Your new earrings look great MrsD!

Btw I'm curious why a 17mm ssp? I've a 15+ mm sort of drop shape ssp and it looks huge on. Attracts a tad too much attention so I don't wear it as often as i should.