New Hoops!

Mrs. D, here are my biggies from The Pearl Society. They are both 16.5mm.


GSS ring 2.jpg

3 rings.jpg
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Just a preference. And I've seen your pearls, they are lovely. Even at 16.5, it looks too small to me! Can you believe it? There's a 20mm baroque on the ebay site you listed. It's good to know that they are out there. I'm not looking to buy now, rather just seeing what's out there. Thanks for the pics!
I agree katbran. Twenty mm is much too large as a ring, in my opinion. But, I don't wear pearl rings. I only wear my wedding ring. It would be nice to actually be able to see these beautiful things that I work so hard to acquire when I wear them, though.
Fabulous - I am a HUGE fan of pearl hoop earrings! I think they combine the elegance of pearls with a beautiful Gypsy/BoHo feel that I can't resist. :cool:

The pearl rings are stunning - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sizes you've chosen. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to pearl pendants and pearl rings, the Bigger the Better ;)

Drew Barrymore first got my attention with really large pearl rings awhile back - I didn't think I'd be able to find a picture of it, but I did! :) This gargantuan pearl has got to be a Silver-Blue South Sea baroque ... I can't even guess what the dimensions are, but WOW.

Love this conversation, and thanks for finding Drew Barrymore's ring!

I like bigger pearls for rings and pendants too, and now earrings. When I was young, only small pearls would do. It must be that pearl size syndrome, plus the confidence to like 'em big!
A pleasure - I like this thread too, very much. As a retailer, I constantly have to reassure customers that a 7.5mm pearl solitaire pendant isn't too large, so it's really great to see a whole thread with pics that demonstrate visually how awesome large pearls look when worn.

People really have a thing about size, they're just not comfortable with thinking their pearls could be "too" big, but I honestly don't think there's any such thing. Especially when it comes to rings and pendants lol :rolleyes: