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Sea Urchin

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Feb 7, 2012
Here's my latest stuff. It's just from Overstock and the home shopping networks. Still, I don't realize how bad I've been until I collect all the newest stuff together to post!

Bottom photo:

(top) 2 strands of pink endless 48" pearls from Overstock. I believe they are 7-8mm. This is the problem with ordering more than one. I do it with these bargain deals because what you get seems so vary so much. But then sometimes I don't like to keep only one. :)

Three pairs of pink Edison earrings 12-13mm. They have some flaws and probably not top luster but they were only $50 a pair on clearance from ShopNBC. One of them has large backs that I bought elsewhere. Those keep them from drooping, but they still hurt after a while. I bought three figuring I'd send two back, but "accidentally" kept all of them!

On the left are two 18" strands of dyed lilac pearls from Overstock, 9-10mm. I'm not crazy about that short length so I thought I'd do something else with them because I like the bright, fun color.

In front of those, white freshwater earrings with a little blue topaz accent on each, white gold, also from Overstock.

Then the mabe abalone pendant from HSN, gotta love their clearance items (it's just sterling silver, $200. Oops, sorry if it's tacky to mention price, lol). I can't believe I was lucky enough to get an abalone pearl!

Next are silvery Tahitian earrings, also on clearance (maybe $100? Don't remember now) from ShopNBC or HSN. I ordered two, and kept this pair. They are 10-11mm, sterling silver. The other pair was awful. It really is such a grab bag.

To the right of those are gray dangle earrings (sterling silver, dyed freshwater) 10-11mm from Overstock. I have some pink ones too but I think the cats ran off with them. :(

12-13mm round grey pearl pendantbig rare baroque pearl pendant9 -10mm rice pearl necklace
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Love the mabe pendant!

DK :)
Thank you! it must not be top quality, at the price, but it is still undoubtably the most colorful and metallic pearl I have, so fine with me. :)
Sea Urchin,

A beautiful and wearable collection! Those Edison earrings, great price! Whether you want to mention cost is entirely up to you. The Tahitians are lustrous and well matched.

Many of my first & early pearls from about 10 yrs ago were Honora from QVC, when they were doing mostly natural color freshwater pearls.
Thanks, ladies. I thought maybe mentioning the price on the clearance items might help out someone else who is looking for goodies on a budget. On HSN and ShopNBC, I have been very surprised. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not, haha.
Prices are very useful information-- thank you for sharing.

I have been surprised sometimes at what T.J. Maxx sells-- recently a local store was selling a white souffl? strand for $279, which dropped to $189 on clearance after Christmas. (I didn't buy it, but was tempted.)