New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

Now that the summer is over look what I have been up to...

Now that the summer is over look what I have been up to...

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Dear fellow pearl lovers,

After a crazy busy summer over here I finally have time to give you a little update on my growing pearl obessession. I know that looking at your beauties always make me happy so maybe mine will do the same for you:) Here we go:

The little keshis are knotted ( after each 5th pearl as per your suggestions) and I love these! So wonderful for layering or just by themselves...Tahitian Keshis PP The earrings are also from Druzy design, originally they were on simple hooks, I put them on these silver Rio Grande findings and they have become my every party earrings...The pearl on the tiny white gold chain is a gift from Tahiti...small p,imperfect but oh so colorful!

Then there is the wonder of my harvest bracelet:) The pearls are 8- 12mm, AA+,AAA mix of pearls from Jac, Carolyn of Druzy Design and one circled peacock Aloha pearl. This bracelet will hopefully grow up into a harvest necklace... For now it makes me absolutely happy even though I don't get to wear it here but.. going to Rome at the end of month so it will have a nice premiere there:)

Still more to come, but as this is beader's thread I also have a beader's question - I really enjoy knotting and I think I am making a little progss with my knots but my ( obvious )problem is the cutting the thread at the beginning and the end...I can't make it nice and almost invisible, quite the contrary.. Is it that I am overusing the glue? I don't have the tiny Beadalon cement glue, just the regular instant glue. Probably that is the main problem...however I think there must be some trick that I just don't know about, if you could help me with this... Thank you.


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I love all your recent creations!!! I especially like the earrings - must hunt for those findings :) I've had good luck with a Bead Zapper for cutting the thread and I use a toothpick for tiny glue applications, for what it's worth.
Here's what I do at the end. I don't knot the last 3 pearls. I go through my gimp and the clasp and back through the last pearl. I snug everything up tight and knot over the thread that is already there. Back through the penultimate pearl, and knot over the thread that is already there. That's my final knot and then I thread the end through the next pearl. I do not knot, but cut it off. So basically, I'm tucking the end into the next pearl. No tails hanging out.

The trick here is to pick 3 pearls with the largest holes as the last three pearls, because I'll be going back through the holes. Since I knot with doubled thread, I'll often go through the last 3 pearls, drop one of the threads, and go back through using a single thread for the last knots. Then I'll cut the hanging thread at the end flush with the end pearl by the clasp. I've never needed a bead zapper or glue. Everything holds perfectly tightly and stays tucked in.
I don't use glue.
I do use a Bead Zap as it melts the end of the thread so it doesn't fray.

I back-knot, making 3 knots between the last 4 pearls, then pass the needle and thread through the 4th pearl from the end and use the bead Zap to trim it without making a final knot, hiding the tail as BWeaves does.
Yep...I use the same method. One thing to keep in mind, when you do knot those last three sure to position the first pass threads in the middle of your knot, otherwise you will have 2 threads next to a knot. In other words, make your knot over the thread, not next to the thread. I hope that makes sense. And be careful using the thread gets hot and you can easily brand a pearl or your finger (I know nothing about burning my
Fantastic job you have done, love the bracelet in particular it's great to see you evolving.

When I finish off, I also use the last three pearls, and use clear nail polish to secure the knot, I also use a special pair of scissors specifically
Just to cut the thread.

Even though my finishing off knots are tight, different things can affect the knots. Friction, inconsistent holes, moisture etc. It is vital to know that the knots are secure, especially the last knot to be finished.

'Tis lovely working with new pearls, but when it comes to repair work you don't know the life that strand will lead ;-)
Thank you ladies for your help, in the next days I will try the non glue no zapped method and will let you know the results.

Bernadette thank you for your compliment, funny I also tell my boyfriend that I am "evolving"...from freshwater pearls to akoyas to tahitian...south sea pearls next? And then there is an evolution within each category of pearls... What can I say? A natural evolution...I can't fight it :)
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Oh this reminds me I didn't post my akoya phase pics :) Wendy's ( of Pearlescence ) marvelous Vietnamese blue akoyas...I got the first strand and fell in love and had to have a rope... so many possibilities... I made a little bracelet with moonstone beads and akoyas to match. The earrings are 6mm Japanese akoyas from Le Collier at Rakuten.

I wear it also with the freshwater keshi ( Wen's pearls) rope with a bit bigger Japanese akoyas ( from Etsy shop Merry Bead although I must say I bought two half strands and was happy only with the quality of the first one)

Now I need barroque white akoyas :) Part of the evolution:) boyfriend is already dreading when I get to the hanadama stage:)

Sorry for non rotating them, I just can't seem to do it on my iPad I am really pushing with the arrow button...
Hi Eolian Pearls, sorry I missed these before; here are some "right side up" flips for you ... lovely pearls and great job beading. I really wanted to see those tiny keshi ... so so pretty!

We are all very fond of blue Vietnamese akoyas around here ... and linen. Lovely pearls, and really pretty looks! I flip photos on my laptop in Photoshop; I've never been very successful with photos on my iPad either :)

Everything is gorgeous !! Love your blue Akoya - the colours are quite amazing aren't they !!? I'm a fan of the earrings, I have those findings from Rio but haven't used them yet...I should get busy lol And as I said before .. I looooooove the Keshi necklace. Oh, and your bracelet..well done on the pearl placement ! Looks great !
I LOVE your blue akoyas. Well, I like all of your pearls, but I'm a sucker for blues.

For my 20th wedding anniversary, I thought I wanted a yellow diamond, just to be a bit different. But every one my jeweler laid on my fingers, just disappeared. My skin leans toward yellow rather than pink. Then she pulled out blue diamonds, which I did not know existed until that moment, and they just popped on my skin, and I was smitten. Same with blue pearls. They just light me up.

And I love the black and white earrings. I find I wear mine more often than studs that match.
I missed your initial post - welcome, Eolian Pearls! You've put together a gorgeous collection in a short period of time, nice work :)
You have such a stunning collection! I especially love the tiny keshi and blue akoya.
Thank you ladies for your nice compliments! All of you have been an inspiration with all the gorgeous pearls you have!
These Vietnamese blue akoyas have become my Gollum level obsession :)
Thank you Cathy for all the rotating job you have done!
Katbran those Rio findings are really great! very light and just the right size and shape ...I am reordering these for Wen's drops...
BWeaves luckily yellow/gold doesn't work on my skin either otherwise I would be totally ruined with GSS pearls...the harvest strands shown here are out of this world! Blue diamonds??? OMG!!! This forum is so dangerous!!!:)
Thank you Battah I have a long way to go :) Love your work, by the way, you are on my Etsy favorite list:)
Thank you Sanippy, YOUR collection made me contact Cees :) ...let's see where that goes:)
JP, Cees Instagram posts are such eye candy for me. Those strands were pretty remarkable :).

Eolian- I adore your beautiful Vietnamese akoya and tahitian keshi strand! It is at the top of my pearl wishlist at this time to aquire some vietnamese aloyas.
For finishing a strand (I'm still new to stringing my pearls, compared to the experts that already posted) and I decide to use glue, I wait til the glue is completely dry before snipping so the thread doesn't frazzle at the end.

Cathy- thank you for putting them right side up, I love seeing pearl strands in every angle ;).
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