New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

Agreed, a lovely necklace and great pendant!

As far as your photos, it looks like some are inverted and some aren't. There are two ways to attach photos (that I know of) here.

1st method: Click "Go Advanced" and then click "Manage Attachments" and proceed that way to upload photos. I believe photos attached that way are the ones that are being inverted for you.

2nd method: Click on the little square icon that looks like a photo of a tree in the editing bar and use that to "insert image".
Maybe those photos are the ones that are upright? Experiment and see.
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Very nice designs!! I know lava is very sharp but not sure how much it retains its sharp cutting edges when filed down, so I'd want to use wire and silicon bumpers. At least there are knots so if it does break, you won't lose any pearls or beads. I'm a huge keshi lover and immediately swooned over your keshi strand. Such amazing little pearls, aren't they? I would want some security in the strand as well but not sure if a knot every keshi is too much, so I'd play with it. Maybe every five or ten keshi? If you use a colored thread, it could be part of the design. I'd want to have a knot at the very bottom, where the enhancer hangs so it would be centered (I doubt people would notice). You're off to a winning start! Welcome!
2nd method: Click on the little square icon that looks like a photo of a tree in the editing bar and use that to "insert image".
Maybe those photos are the ones that are upright? Experiment and see.

I never knew this!!! Thanks PD!!!
I didn't know myself until last year sometime when someone else posted it. :p
Thank you for all your comments, I am really happy with my Pearlescence pearls, after this first purchase I discovered vietnamese blue akoyas and OMG do I love the pearls I got from Wendy!!! I am still waiting for the orbit clasps to arrive from US and then I will post some pictures...Many pearl projects:)
Thank you Pattye, JP and Amti for your keshi necklace suggestions, I will play with the knots placement and will certainly do them near the clasp ( orbit one).
Pearl Dreams I don't know if it is a problem with my connection, but I tried to post pictures both ways and I never actually see what picture will get posted until it is actually posted. Will keep on trying, with less wind the connection will get better...
Thank you Sanippy, I am so happy with these keshis!!!
As per your request Katbran more pics of the studs if my connection decides to take indulge us:)
Katbran every time I add some pearls to my watch list in DD ebay shoo I immagine someone from this forum is among the other watchers:) There were different tiny keshi strands available at the time (as I am sure you know:) I chose this one for the green blues and it was one of the times when the pearls were truly more beautiful IRL...lucky me:)

The Pearlescence earrings are 9mm silver grey with nice pinkish overtones. I took a picture of these next to my other new studs :) ocean blue 10mm implulse purchase on Etsy... And then there are my guilt free 7,5mm grey blue freshwater studs from Wen which were a nice surprise... Oh and a half drilled 9mm pair from Jac's matched blue/green mix.... And yes, as of December 2016 I had no pearl earrings whatsoever :)

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Sorry Pearl Dreams another inverted selfie :-(
I find 10mm too big for my ears so maybe I will convert these into dangles somewhere in the future...
I love the mismatched earrings! And the necklace! And the background! And your smile!

Even flipped everything looks great.

Thank you ladies!!!
I restrung the lava necklace with 2mm silicone beads and was SO glad that I had a Visor on my head while doing it...thanks to the recomendations on this forum I am quite well equipped :) In any case this is not a post about how many of these little guys jumped into nowhere:)...
I think the beads work well here, I like the finished look and it was mych easier the second time around...Beader's secret is the best!!!
Thank you for your comments and help, on to the matching bracelet:)

JP please tell me how do you rotate the picture in the preview, I can't find a way to do it...
Oh my goodness look at those gorgeous pearls ! Beautiful Studs ! Those grey/pinks are lovely ! And the blue greens. , a favourite colour ! Well done! You have bought well !

And your necklace turned out really well . Those little bumpers are great ...I know what you mean about them hopping off...nothing like crawling around trying to find weeny-teeny clear beads. Been there ;)
When you look at the tool bar on top of the preview window, you will see several icons. About mid way, there is a rectangle box with an arrow pointing to the left above it. That's the icon to rotate the photo. I do a full other words keep clicking until the photo is right side up again. That should do it.

Your necklace looks lovely! You did a great job. A whole new world opens up when you learn how to string.