natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !

hello :rolleyes:
Pinctada end hippopus :)

yeahhh they arrived and are pretty awsome :) here is a picture from my phone when i was unpacking them :)

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more soon ! :)

They are so beautifully small!!! In all their smallness they just have such perfection!
And I have always noticed that smaller pearls have the best luster and least when talking about natural pearls (and many cultured pearls too).
No wonder these are so pretty :)
:D We can see here the exceptional quality of its pearl, the very rare translucent white and this fantastic orange. It is extremely difficult to find translucent pearl. And an orange pearl gold 2 carat. (Pinctada) :D

01-DSC02797.JPG 02-DSC02798.jpg 03-DSC02800.jpg 04-DSC02805.jpg 05-DSC02806.JPG05-DSC02806.JPG 06-DSC02807.jpg 07-DSC02813.jpg 08-DSC02814.jpg 09-DSC02815.jpg
10-DSC02817.JPG 11-DSC02818.jpg 12-DSC02820.jpg 13-DSC02821.jpg 14-DSC02822.jpg
15-DSC02823.jpg 16-DSC02824.jpg 18-DSC02827.jpg 24-DSC02834.jpg 30-DSC02843.jpg
All very beautiful ... that lovely translucent white peatl is breathtaking!
I cannot get over how unique each one of these pearls are and just how beautiful they are in their own ways. Thank you for educating us and showing us these unique pearls!