Natural GIA ID Pinctada radiata earrings for discussion


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Jun 12, 2017
It's in the general area of the Indian ocean and the Western Pacific and also in the Mediterranean . It's harvested around Qatar mainly I think so I assume Bahrain as well since it's just across way , sort of next to each other with a bit of the Persian Gulf between.

That sounds expensive but if they are about 4 carats each then look at Kari pearls ( they sell natural pearls) and check out the prices. Those pearls are undrilled and I have no idea how drilling effects the price..but given undrilled is around $5,000 fora Natural Basra 8 mm ish single pearl... that price of 7000 doesn't seem so bad lol
Good to know but its out of my price range even reduced from $8000 but would someday hope to snag a natural pair.
Still color/luster is not all that gloreous but pearls are hard to capture with photos.

8mm is quite large & they are pretty nice off round but decent. Most naturals I see are under 7mm.

Been to Karis site a few times. There is a 8 + mm for $5000...depends on roundness & fineness I gues

6 to 7 mm can be had for under $1000 maybe off round.

This one has a yellow & a cream side so unusual..

There are a few pieces under $1000 if you wanted natural pearls...not bad...
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