My tahitian pearls

I haven't yet shared my floating tahitian pearl that I bought from Tahitipearldesigner almost 2 years ago. It's a round 12,5mm silver white pearl with slightly gold/bronze overtones. It's great for layering.
With my pink and green tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
And with my rikitea strand from Cees.
With my greenish golden south sea strand from Kongspearl.
Tahitipearldesigners photo.
The pearls has such an unusual color, it's silvery, yet slightly warmtoned. I usually wear this piece with other pearls.

Love your new T pendant. It is a lovely color that will go well with other T necklaces. I like the 'floating' look of the pendant.
Ohhh, I have a weakness for ombre strands... they are so beautiful and such amazing creations of patience and quantity. I just love them. Yours is beautiful. Love those T color too, and the colors of your earrings- that pink!!! Your floating pearl has such charm too. I can see how it would go with everything.
Thank you AzFlyGirl and anti. I just had to buy that floating tahitian, the color was to special not to. amti, I do have a weakness for ombre strands as well. I did also love ombre crochet yarn when I was a child. They were quite popular in the 70s and 80s in sweden. When my grandmother died about 12 years ago I found a croched cloth that she had been working on in green ombre yarn. She had done about half, so I finished the other half and now has it safely tucked away as a keepsake.
Awe, that is so sweet. I know it is dear to your heart and brings you smiles when you think of it.
Yes, that crochet cloth is really special to me. She had made a tiny flaw in it, but I kept it.
Wendy found me another treasure. An amazing big tahitian multicolor strand that has the same amazing luster and colors as my rikitea strand from Cees, only bigger. These once are 11-12,3mm. Mostly I have pearls that are about 8-10mm, like my rikitea strand. I do know that I don't like my big ripples or the baroque south sea pearls, both around 15mm. But maybe that has do do with the quality of the pearls rather then the size. My rainbow strand is about 11mm and I love that size, also the quality of the pearls in the rainbow strand are amazing, hardly a mark on them. So I ordered this bigger strand and I love it. Since it's about 19inches and my rikitea strand is 18 inches, I discovered yesterday that they accually nests. I did restring my big strand even though they were expertly knotted and with a perfectly fine orbit clasp. I wanted it to have the same clasp as most of my other strands. I can also make a rope out of this strand and my rikiteas.
With my white south sea huggies. I converted these to go with my edisons huggies that Wendy made me. The white south seas goes great with the strand.
The strand has the same amazing luster as my mismatched tahitian studs from Oceanscove.
Linked together with my rikiteas.
I also bought one of those tiny tahitian Collins strands from Wendy, the blue one. It's 7,1-7,9mm and goes great with my blue tahitian strand, also from Pearlescence.
With my white south sea huggies.
Linked with my blue tahitian strand.
I am so happy with all of my new pearls. I also got a new caliper from Wendy. Now I am off to measure everything under 20mm. Where is kitten assistent?
So beautiful and if I was you- I would also be very happy with the new pearls. :) I just want to reach out and grab every cherry/purple pearl in your new strand.
Thank you Gemandpearllover, luckliy for me you can't reach through the screen, haha.
Some new better photos of my new tahitian strands from Pearlescence. First my new 7,1-7,9mm blue tahitian Collins strand.
Then my 9,1-11,6mm blue tahitian strand Wendy found me last spring.
Both are knotted with Beaders secret in navy and can easily turn into a rope with that nifty clasp I use. I wore them together 2days ago, not as a rope but as two separate strands, with the blue studs I also bought from Wendy last year. These blue pearls are perfect with blue jeans and a cashmere sweater, or any outfit really. It's a beautiful blue color on the pearls.
When worn they don't look dark, just really blue.
My new big, 11-12,3mm, tahitian strand from Pearlescence is so gorgeous. I have worn it for several days this week. Today with my rikitea strand from Cees. They nest perfectly, and I wore them like that for most of the day but I have now linked them together as a rope so that I more easily can admire the pearls. My new strand is like a sibling to my rikitea strand, the same luster and colors but different sizes. So many gorgeous colors, even a red one.
Just look at those amazing colors.
The red pearl
The rikiteas.
As a rope
Such an amazing strand, Wendy has really found me some treasure this year.
I had to photograph possible earrings and other layering possibilities. I have a weakness for using these white south sea pearls that I remade to use with the huggies from Pearlescence together with my big tahitians. They are really nice together.
The darkish tahitians I also remade for the huggies work as well. They have sort of a purply brown color.
Then my blue tahitian studs from Pearlescence are always nice.
Dark forest green tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
Aubergine tahitian studs from Oceanscove.
Pink and green tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
Mismatched tahitian studs from Oceanscove. These work with everything.
Peacock tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
Turquoise and pink tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
Blue green tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
I forgot to photograph my green and pink tahitian studs from Pearlescence that I use all the time, these work as well. Then vintage akoya tassel.
There are small pearls and then there are my tahitian keshis from Druzydesign. Gorgeous keshis, lustrous and tiny.
Also with my tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety.
And finally with my favorite tahitian tincup.
The new T strand is gorgeous with all the colors. The jewel toned colors are so pretty.
What an amazing collection you have Charlotta!!! Just looking at your photos makes me fall in love with the tahitians even more...such an amazing luster, colors, overtones...all work of nature...just incredible...Always a pleasure to visit your threads!
Thank you AzFlyGirl and eolian pearls. I really love tahitians as well.
My ombre tahitian rope from Cees and with my new deep golden south sea pearls from Cees.
My newly remade silver keshi huggies with my silver tahitian strand from Cees. So hard to capture the overtones on the silver pearls with limited daylight.