My tahitian pearls

Thank you Katbran. I agee, the keshistrand is very useful and the pearls are so pretty up close.
Thank you Gemandpearllover. The keshistrand was easy to string, despite the tinyness, the drillholes were great. I could use regular Beaders secret #30.
More Tahitian beauty! Love the different bands on the enhancer from Pearl Society. They look almost rainbow-ish in the one photo. So pretty and versatile!
Cricketbug, yes the green tahitian enhancer is very pretty. I am glad that I changed the finding. It was in a box for years.
Of course I have to include my new rainbow strand from Pearlescence amongst my favorite tahitian pearls. In august during a conversation about ombrestrands and wavestrands with Cricketbug I got the idea of making a rainbow strand and since Wendy did go to Hongkong shortly after, she kindly worked really hard to realise my idea. And did she ever, the most glorious strand. It's so beautiful and I cannot stop looking at it. The pearls are about 11mm and the strand about 19 inches long. It's reversible, so I can turn it around and wear it with a pendant or enhancer. Not all of the pearls are tahitians, south seas and edisons were also used.
With my often used tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety.
Just look at those greens and blues. There is one vivid turquoise pearl and one vivid green pearl that are just gorgeous.
I wonder if there are enough green shades of tahitians to make a green ombre strand? Wouldn't that be something.
I removed the vintage clasps from my rikitea strand and from my ombre tahitian rope, both from Cees. The ombre rope is endless now. I wanted to make it endless since I first got it, but then I couldn't double it. However I don't use it doubled, ever. Now I can twirl it around as much as I like. The clasp on the rikitea strand I really like, but I use that strand a lot and don't want to destroy the clasp. I also want to be able to link it with my other strands. Had to use the lightbox, the natural light didn't want to cooperate. The pearls are more lustrous in real life.
They are also more colorful in real life. Some older photos.
I now have to think of something to do with my four vintage clasps that I don't use. They are very pretty so I am going to save them.
I like the ombré strand endless. I’m sure you will be getting more pearls in the future, some of which will be perfect for those vintage clasps.
Thank you Katbran and Red. I like the ombre more as endless as well, and have worn it for 3 days this week. No clasp that can break. And I shift the pearls all the time to look at all the colors.
I'm sure I find some use for the clasps eventually.
Charlotta your ombre rope is fantastic. I can see why you would want to gaze at the pearls often- just gorgeous!
The multicolor rikiteas from Cees with it's new practical clasp.
Such gorgeous pearls.
With my rainbow strand from Pearlescence.
I love that my ombre tahitian rope from Cees is endless now. I can change the position of the colors depending on what I wear and what pearls I want to look at next.
Love the Rikitea strand. It is splendid.
I certainly see how versatile your ombre stand can be. It is luscious.
Thank you AzFlyGirl, the rikitea strand is my most used strand. It really goes with everything.
I especially love the rainbow rikiteas and the gorgeous but practical clasp. I find that I wear a jewelry piece a lot more often if it has a clasp I can open and close easily. That’s one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.
Thank you multichrome, I really like that clasp as well. If a clasp is difficult to use then I will not use it either.