New multicolor tahitian necklace


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Jan 18, 2018
Hello everybody!
Some weeks ago, looking at the beautiful tahitian pearls purchased from Wen on Etsy by our poster Germandpearlover, I decided to try and buy some tahitians from this seller too. Mine are less expensive and not round as hers, but they are really nice. Please give me your opinion too!
I had already purchased some pearls from Wen, but never tahitians. I hope the nacre is thick, that's the only doubt I may have. I tried to make some pictures of the pearl holes and to zoom them on my computer. It seems good, but it's impossible to measure it.
I didn't choose every single pearl as our friend did, but I purchased a multicolor drop-shaped graduated strand from 8,3 to 10.8mm. For the moment I added a simple golden 925% silver clasp, but I will upgrade to a solid gold clasp as soon as I find a nice one.
I also made a pair of matching earrings with six pearl I had in storage. I purchased the pearls from Ehret on ebay, and I addes golden silver leverbacks (these will be upgraded too):
This is the picture Wen made:
These are the pictures i made (sorry, as always my pictures are not so good):
Your new multicolor tahitian strand is very nice. The nacre is probably fine. I purchased a drop tahitian strand from Wen once that had a broken pearl, the tip had broken of. The nacre was very thick on that pearl at least. Your earrings are beautiful to.
I have never had a bad Tahitian purchase from Wen. Keep a close eye on her photos, because they're pretty true to the photos overall... to be honest, actually, most of the time, the pearls are better in person than in her photos, in terms of luster and color! Your strand is super pretty. I keep meaning to get a Tahitian strand from her.
The Tahitians are beautiful, congratulations! And the earring look great, too
Alyend the strand is beautiful and so are your earrings. I love the colors and smooth drop shaped pearls in the necklace- so gorgeous. I think the bi-color pearl in front is especially pretty.
Very nice, Alyend! I recently ordered Tahitians from Wen (from the groups of four that she sells) to make a tin cup necklace. The pearls were really lovely, round, and pretty flawless.
Thank you all!

Germandpearlover, I also like the bicolor central pearl very much!
I love it! You should be wearing it at every opportunity. Jeans or shorts and a white scoop-neck t-shirt would be perfect for summer.
Very nice pearls. I bought a strand of circled Tahitians from Wen a while ago and they are beautiful with lots of colours.
Hello, Thank you for sharing! Such a lovely set. Are you able to show a picture of both on? (You can mask out your face for privacy) I just wanted to see how the 3 Tahitian earrings look with your necklace. I am thinking I also would like some Tahitian earrings but never consider 3 pear earrings. Is it heavy on your lobes?
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