men and pearls

Just saw this image of Jason Momoa ... naturally, the Tahitian caught my eye.
I have a few more images but not sure I can post them. Been having techies issues...But here goes: More from the Hip Hop world. Rapper TI's young 12/13 yr old son King wears a single white pearl dangle earring.

King Pearl.jpg
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I've always like men with one dangle earring, going back a few hundred years. Men in ruffs with a single dangle earring and a Van Dyke goatee, sexy.
This might be a repeat but it was an interesting article from Vogue summer last year:

Are Pearls The New Diamonds?

As an aside, yesterday I was on my way home from a Dr. Appt. I saw a group African American young men preparing for a street performance of some sort where they would dance and rap and/or sing. I noticed a couple of them had on pearl studs to go with their "hip hop" wardrobe. This is truly an interesting fashion development to witness.
Here are some more pics from current media. The TV show the fix:

The Fix 1.jpg

The Fix 2.jpg
Blackadder series II, set in Elizabethan England. This is the sexiest Rowan Atkinson ever looked.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.27.31 PM.jpg
Hi B, That made me laugh...because I will always laugh when I think of Mr. B no matter the context :rolleyes:

Here is another Brit wearing the pearl drop...Harry Styles of One Direction fame at the 2019 Met Gala:

Harry Styles Met 2019.jpg

Blackadder series II, set in Elizabethan England. This is the sexiest Rowan Atkinson ever looked.

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Haha, Yes, I saw Harry Styles photo. I'm not sure he's pulling it off. Oddly enough, I think the one drop earring look works best when the man has a beard.
Oddly enough...I am definitely seeing more guys wearing white pearl studs (on both ears) versus dangles. This has all been an interesting last two years in that sense. So far this year only one client has asked for a stud, and he said "Black Pearls"....:rolleyes:

How interesting, a single dangle! My grandson (age 19) just got his ears pierced, but he's not convinced, yet, to wear pearls.
I don't often post but felt I just had to with this. Here is Harry Styles again taken from the front page of the electronic version of the Sydney Morning Herald reporting on his JW Anderson cardigan but it was his pearls that caught my eye


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Blackadder wins, hands down. He’s radiating heat there, and the Pearl is just the right size, doesn’t overpower the guy. JMO. (Get me an icy lemonade, and fan)
actually, that’s a triple pearl dangle!
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Marc Jacobs is also wearing white pearls. According to Google, these male celebrities are wearing Mikimoto. Mikimoto has a new ad campaign / collection, "comme de garcons."
I'm a little surprised that no one noticed Joc Pederson of the Atlanta Braves -- wearing pearls -- for the World Series. His strand is on the way to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

This is an article about the pearls -- the jeweler calls them inexpensive at $4K, but they are 14mm. Freshwaters? Joc Pederson pearls: Braves outfielder's necklace origin story - Sports Illustrated

There are lots and lots of articles and images, if anyone is interested.
Wow! No..I did not see this! Thank you for sharing the link :D
I will add some photos now.