men and pearls

It has been awhile and there are a few threads on this topic...but I am going to place this here for the fun of it:

Pearls in Hip Hop Music

Jay Z

JayZ Pearls.jpg

ASAP Rocky

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Just I receive this photo.
A friend of mine, and the owner of this pearl, had asked me to work it.
The man is a great DIY enthusiast, so he has bought rubber seal, sold by meter, and kinds of connectors I didn't know, to make this setting (I see I am not the only one to have difficulties to shoot my pearls:rolleyes:) :
perle Patrick.jpg
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Eric- that looks great!

I believe I have seen Pharrell Williams wear strands of pearls as well.

I agree Cathy-- Walter sounds like a hot ticket.
I forgot to say that while cleaning out my dad's things getting ready to sell the house, I found his pearl tie tack .
He was 90. I'm sure he wore it in the 50's-60"s-70's-- so he was a trend setter for men in pearls! :)
I'd wear that bracelet too; in a heart beat! Walter ... a hot ticket ... well, I suppose, if you favor the grizzled old fisherman look ;) I'm sure there's a runway designer somewhere who's done a show with that theme ...
I would absolutely wear this bracelet! Have asked my hubby if he'd like a pearl-something. Uhm, not yet. ;)