Kojimapearl blue Tahitian.


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Feb 1, 2012
Hello Pearl Peeps.
Today I picked up my blue Tahitian pearl ring, and then went for a stroll with my father alongside the ocean.
In the pearl's reflection, you can see the two of us sitting together on a bench, enjoying the view.
My father was watching diving ducks, and the water, and I was staring at my pearl.
Thank you to Sarah at Kojimapearl.
(Sarah's ring is nestled with a silver ring of my own.)
Happy New Year Peeps.

Linda, that is one incredible pearl ring and the photos are terrific. :)
Beautiful pearl and great story and pictures! Wear in health!
Yes Linda.. You're hired! Great photos. It is always a pleasure to know you are wearing pearls, ours or otherwise.
(they seem to glow more with your smile)
Hope we'll get to see you next summer.
With warm regards and deep appreciation Sarah
Thank you everyone. These photos are kind of grainy; taken on my pathetic, ancient Blackberry …. probably through a few millimetres of dust and grime. But they give you the gist of the beauty of this pearl. I love it so much, I wore it this morning while jogging along the Fraser river trails. It was cuddling warm in my gloves, but I knew it was under there, glowing blue.