Birthday Blues


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Apr 25, 2014
I decided to start a new thread about my belated birthday necklace. I have been sitting on a small lot of wonderful sky blue Tahitian pearls for quite some time...deciding what to do with them was the challenge. One of the pearls went into the mermaid-octo clasp that Sheri created, and lives strung among the rest of the pearls in my harvest strand. It was the smallest pearl in the lot, and it works brilliantly as Mr. Octoclasp. IMG_3872.jpg
Ah, but what to do with the rest of the pearls? The challenge was finding the right way to show their beauty. I didn't just want "another" strand of pearls...after all I already have my "big blues" that I adore...and wear often. I wanted a less structured, less formal look. Here are the big blues, a wonderful lot which I spread over a few necklaces...IMG_2854.jpgIMG_2820.jpg
But I am not really an emerald person...although I do love greens...
And then it came to me, Aquamarines! So I set out on a search for beads of just the right color...not too green, more blue like seawater. I finally found them. And after some debate, I decided against having some carved into pumpkin shapes (mostly because of the stone waste), and ended up with this: IMG_3066.jpgIMG_3069.jpgIMG_0414.jpgIMG_0416.jpgIMG_0428.jpg
First of all, I love aquamarine. Secondly, I'm crazy about Tahitian pearls. They're a perfect combo. Your necklace is to die for! Sorry, I have to wipe off my drool.
Thanks for sharing how you got your inspiration and came up with your beautiful creation! It looks wonderful and blues are so pretty. I'm sure you are going to get a lot of wear with them!
I have some serious blue envy going on here ... Glorious combination of the blues! They complement each other so well! Well done!!! Happy Birthday to you!
Tahitians and aquas, a perfect pairing! ..beautiful work, JP! I've got to check my stash, I know I have some aquas around somewhere! Also, happy birthday, I hope it was as wonderful day for you!
Gorgeous pieces, JP! Love the blues and am in awe of your talent:eek:

A belated happy birthday to you!
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Stunning, stunning blues! I love everything about this set.
Belated happy birthday. Gorgeous creations. I love aquamarines too.