White Tahitians!!


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Jan 22, 2016
Last week I picked up my new triple A Tahitian rope. Its very slightly silver/blue, but reads very white when worn alone. When worn with blue akoyas both necklaces morph into almost the same color. The blue akoyas look more silver/white, while the white Tahitians look more silver/blue. Separately they're very different. The first pic was taken at PP.

The same day I received in the mail my new 11.5mm white Tahitian ring from their new Thalassa Collection. I hesitated because the pearl is set in bronze, and I was concerned about skin discoloration. I've worn it for 3 days and so far no discoloration - It's a keeper!

Over the weekend I wore my new rope to a project site. My client asked if she could hold it up lose, and wear it for a while, I said of course, but only if I could take a picture of her wearing it... she happily agreed! She had a big smile wearing it in her plaid work shirt!


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How exciting for you. Love the rope and the luster is wonderful. The look great with the blue akoya. The ring is equally beautiful. Congratulations on the new Tahitians.
Thank you, MM... I see that I didn't mention that the ring is a KAMOKA ring from their new Thalassa Collection!

Thank you Katbran - the pearls do look more silver in the pics, irl they're quite white!
Oh fabulous! I have such <3 for Kamoka. Thanks for adding the info. It is a lovely pearl.
Beautiful white Tahitians! I love the length-I bet it also looks great doubled!
White Tahitians are the best. I, too, find that I like wearing mine with casual outfits. Looks perfect on both you and your client.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :) Another great strand for you to wear and enjoy. Isn't it fun when people want to try on your pearls? I find pearls are great conversation starters.
Wonderful pieces, lmgarden, all of them! Thank you for sharing them. I especially love that white Tahitian rope. I really wish I'd taken advantage of that special. It's nice to enjoy it vicariously though through those of you who did!
Yikes...I tried and failed to enter the site throughout the entire day... finally had luck!

Thank you BW, JerseyPearl, SunSeeker, Red, Newberry, CatsNme, Hanadama, Pattye, BabyNurse and GemGeek for all your kind words and observations!!

GemGeek, they surely are chameleon like!

Newberry, after I saw your lovely white T's, I knew it was only a matter of time for me!
Newberry, after I saw your lovely white T's, I knew it was only a matter of time for me!

So very glad I could help :)

I reach for my two strands over and over again. I was thinking I needed a rope of white metallic pearls and then thought if I was going to wear a white rope I would reach for the white Tahitians. So I think I reasoned myself into not buying more pearls. ;) Although we'll see after I go there on the 11th.