Do I need knots between each pearls for this? Lots of pearl strands.

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Feb 11, 2024
I am planning to use vintage "rice krispy" pearls for this instead of seed beads. Do I need knots between each pearl or just where the strand meets the spacer? How can I protect the serafil as it goes thru the divider or should I use beading wire (Then I don't need to knot.). Thoughts...other than...this is going to feel wonderful! Have
I missed anything...haven't done this before, but other than the new spacers, it doesn't look hard....the strand lengths might be a little tricky, but I have done muliti- strand before.
Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 09-34-50 Multi-strand Dark Purple Glass Seed Bead Lariat Style Art Gl...png
I have had success lining metal beads, and separators with a glass seed bead. This protects the thread from the metal. Seed beads come in many sizes, so you may have to try a few. Thinking that Serafil would give a much nicer drape than beading wire.
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The problem is when they bunch up down the thread and you get a gap at the higher end. A knot every five or so cures that and if the thread is thinnish the knot will tuck more or less into the hole and not be very visible. Plus of course if the thread breaks you only have a few pearls to find rather than squillions.
Good luck and rather you than me. It looks amazing but I don't think I have the patience
I jut realized that I have pearls that are drilled different ways. I need design help. I think that keeping the same pearls together would look best, instead of alternating one pearl of each on the same strand. (Besides being too much for my brain to alternate) But how does it look one long-wise and one short, alternating strands? My other option would be to have the long-wise in a section and the short in another. Ideas??


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Maybe create a section on temp strands; I can't always visualize, so a "sample" helps me. You may decide against mixing the shapes. Imo, the "rice krispy" pearls have a pleasant flow and may drape better in this design than the nugget shape, which will be fun in a different necklace.