Video of Pearl Knotting with no Tools


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Dec 26, 2005
This Pearl Knotting video seems very compatible with our favorite stringing tutorial by Pearl Dreams. Having no language has a universal appeal. The beginning and ending with clasp, using French Wire is clearly shown, with how to pull the threads apart to seat the knot between each pearl.

With larger pearls, I knot back 4 pearls are the beginning and end.
That the green paper holds a blob of glue! (Sorry about the ad at the beginning.)

PLEASE NOTE: There are many techniques for stringing pearls; this is not the only or best way.

Looking forward to your feedback ~
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Thanks so much, Pattye! So, I need to work on looping the knot over the pearl instead of pulling the whole length of unknotted pearls through my loop of thread. This was a great tutorial. My only critique would be in how glue is added along the thread. I don’t use glue at all because I have some old strands knotted by other people that have gotten thread stuck in the pearl when I’ve tried to take them apart for restringing. I just knot back through 3 pearls and use a thread burner. Of course, I just do this for myself, so if a knot comes loose, I can restring it. And if the end knot comes loose, there are still two other knots so the whole strand won’t fall off.
Thanks so much for your comments, Jeg. Yes, I agree glue is optional and a personal choice. With the idea of gluing the tail to the main threads, not the hole itself, a tiny amount of G-S Hypo Cement or clear nail polish is easily removeable.

Thread burners work great! I have a hard time keeping them in batteries, tho.
Glue is useful to stop the end 'walking' itself back out of the pearl which is hiding it, which it can do. The necklace is perfectly secure still but there's a flappy end (and a flappy customer!)
It's easy to remove glued thread - just get a drill bit of the correct size of the drilled hole and have at it (slowly). the drill bit will extract it very easily but use low speed on the drill.
Just adding the video on a window for easier access!
Great find @pattye !