Kasumiga-ura Pearls


Oct 6, 2009
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and since theres alot of interest thought I might share some nice Kasumiga-ura pictures with you, the baroquish pearl is around 17.5mm wide, and which we sold at the last Jewelry show in Hong Kong. The single round one if I remeber right is ~15mm. Let me know what you guys think!



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Wow, welcome!

Great photos! Yes, we love these purples, actually all those amazing colors! That big drop is Special!! Are the smoother ones more valuable than the wrinkly ones? I love baroques, and have some of the more wrinkly or textured Kasumi. How are Kasumi graded?

Tell us a bit more about you, please, if you feel comfortable doing so. I will check out your profile page also-------:)
This is the first set of photos I've seen that shows smooth skin Kasumiga.
Oh the pink! I would kill for a strand of those!
Hi Mickael, nice pearls,
when you say : "...we sold at the last Jewelry show in Hong Kong...",
would you mind presenting yourself and fill in you profile, which country are you from ? professional or collector ? and so ...
or do we guess from the copyright of the beautiful photos? :)
Being a collector, I had seen those smooth skin kasumi on Belpearl website by the past.
Tell us Michael, how many are smooth in a whole harvest, 10%, less?
Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for so long, business keeps me very busy-

about the pearls: We grade Kasumiga-ura pearls along more or less the same guidelines that we grade SSP, Smooth and Round being the most valueable. In this harvest around 35-40% are smooth, and the rest are essentially wrinkly baroques. A very small percent of the smooth pearls are perfect round, and the rest tend to be more on the buttonish side with ocassional drops.

as for me, I grew up in Kobe Japan and started working the pearl field after university about three years ago for Belpearl (Japan/Hong Kong) and Cybel Trading in New York. I am currently based out of Hong Kong and working as a buyer focusing mainly on SSP, Tahitian , Fijian and Japanese Akoya.

I'm glad to see theres alot of interest, will post some other pictures soon-=

Thank you for showing us those very rare and special pearls.

(It is not spamming if you put your contact info/web page under your signature)
I checked out the names on a couple of those pictures. Belpearl shows at the AGTA show. A list of future shows is on its site. Cybel Trading Company has a web site that features the Kasumi pearls. Those companies are doing some work on producing the newer wave of Kasumis.

Michael is a buyer, possibly for one of those companies. Question. The pix look copyrighted so I hope they are used by permission.

Thanks again, Michael, for showing us such knockout pearls. Please post more if you legally can.
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Dear Caitlin,

Don't worry about it- I took those pictures and copyrighted them myself!
Do you still have an office in Kobe? I'm going to Japan in April, am interested in visiting some pearl offices, but not sure if you guys would be interested at all since I'm not a huge buyer.
Thanks Michael.
Your company's work on Kasumi pearls is most interesting. I hope you will continue to share with us. We would like to hear any updates on the Kasumi production and see more pix.

I like your sites and the info on them. I couldn't get the necklaces to show on Cybel Trading, though. I am pretty sure we stopped at the Belpearl booth at the AGTA show.