Isabella Rossellini's rope: Are these Tahitians and SSs?

Kathleen Conway

Pearls, passionately
Nov 25, 2006
Isabella Rossellini has worn this necklace since at least 2005, most recently on a segment of "Finding Your Roots" with Louis Gates. It is an at least 100-inch rope. Any idea what it is? Though some reporters identify it as Tahitian/SS, to me the "SS" look more like CFWs. Whatever it is, she wears it beautifully, but I'd be grateful for your opinions.


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Given the eggy shapes they may be FWP, including dyed ones. But is it all one necklace, or two, in the first photo? I see a strand of small round white pearls, which could be akoyas or high quality, round to the eye FWP (if the first photo was taken more recently than 2005).
Looks like a mixed strand, a potpourri of pearls! Could have a bit of this and that...or maybe they are all freshwater, with dyed blacks.
Really hard to tell from these photos. We do need a closeup.
The larger strands all do appear to be freshwater pearls. The black pearls are hard to make out, but they appear to have the classic fw eggy shape. The first photo (I agree with Pearl Dreams) has an extra strand of what appear to be small akoya pearls. They could be fine-quality freshwater pearls too, but the shape seems consistent with akoya. I would need a close-up photo to be certain.
Can't get an extreme closeup but here is best I can find; it appears to be the long rope minus the akoya.
They look like 3 different ropes in the first pic. Maybe a rope of Akoya, a rope of multi-colored freshwater (or?), and a rope of white freshwater. They are all doubled at different lengths in the different pics. Only the first pic has the potentially Akoya rope.
I agree with you Akoya strand and mainly freshwaters, dyed blacks.