I want Kamala Harris' pearls

I’m glad her sisterhood involves pearls. Hopefully, they all show up here and show them off - with close-ups! Can’t get too many pearl views, imho.

I thought the clothes were lovely, too, classically beautiful, and the glammed up stuff was very cool. I especially loved Amanda Gorman’s (the Poet Laureate) gorgeous yellow ensemble, and the glorious red of her fabric coronet or hat or hairband (silky satin?). Oh, I loved it all!

The colors were so rich looking, do you guys think they were all wearing wool? In my imagination I’m dressing them in all- or high-content cashmere, for everyone! Time to look up the fashion websites....
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Amanda Gorman looked amazing! I kept trying to get a look at her ring. It was a caged bird, and a reference to Maya Angelou. I loved her earrings, too. Both were a gift to Amanda from Oprah.

I was in awe of her poem and her presentation of it, too.
Thank you all for posting this info; much appreciated!

I enjoyed the article, thank you!
I'm wondering -- are black pearls really harder than white pearls? I hadn't heard that before.

I've always seen pearls worn to the inauguration -- I remember pearls featured prominently for the Clintons -- it's a daytime event, and I'm sure the diamonds come out in the evening for the balls and galas.

I do like the WSS and gold necklace that Kamala wore. I like yellow gold and white pearls.

ETA: There's a t-shirt, for anyone so inclined. Search "Kamala Harris Chucks And Pearls Excuse Me I’m Speaking Shirt."
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I searched...and found. I try not to follow politics, so I don't understand the reason behind the phrase, but it sounds refreshing and I made a whole situation in my mind that ended with VP Harris stopping the world around her with the phrase. I love seeing more women in positions power for many reasons, top of my head:
1) Seems we have not made a great job for the last 3,000 years.
2) I have 3 daughters.
And she does seem to have good taste in pearls :)
"Excuse Me I’m Speaking" was what Kamala Harris said to Mike Pence in the VP candidate debate when he interrupted her. Politics aside, I'm sure many women have been wanting to say the same for centuries - and some have done so too. There are some formidable Moms in many cultures :)
Yes! I could see that happening :)
Thank you for clarifying this KarinK.
And May more Formidable Moms raise even more Formidable Human Beings for Generations to come! A toast of pearls for them all.
Not a fan of Harris but I truly love her SS Pearl necklace she wore to her inaugeration.


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"Black pearl says I want to speak and white says I am listening"
Seems to me the author of the article was getting creative here.

"I'm wondering -- are black pearls really harder than white pearls? I hadn't heard that before."
I don't recall Strack saying this in her book, so I'm wondering also, Ennui.
Vice President Harris’s official portrait was made public today. And OF COURSE she is wearing pearls. Beautiful necklace, earrings, and outfit. I am too excited to go back through the thread and find out if we have seen those pieces already.
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So we have seen the combo before—I think that’s a standby work look for her, which is very appropriate for a VP portrait. Now really want a job where I that can be my look! Not that I can wear clothes as well as VP Harris.

Time to order some loose SSP for a station necklace . . .
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She does have good taste, doesn't she?
But many of our own Pearl-Guide forum members have equally good taste and even better pearls. Really :)
Kamala is stunning, the gorgeous pearls she wears always compliment her outfits & suit her accomplished style!