I want Kamala Harris' pearls

I was just watching a segment on the ABC news on Kamala and I have to say ... she's got a great collection of pearls ! Plus I'm watching Suits again as a background to working .... and every necklace that 'Jessica' wears.... I WANT !

Yes, Jessica's jewelry and wardrobe are drool worthy. "Diane Lockhart," portrayed by Christine Baranski, on The Good Wife and The Good Fight wears great pearls (and other jewelry).
She also seems to be wearing South Sea Mabe pearls!
It would be easy to emulate that station necklace, and if vermeil were used, it would be (quite a bit) less expensive.
Not quite sure how or why it is 'playful' though...
Great article, a throughly enjoyable read about pearls and the strength of women in trusted positions of power.
Thank you for sharing this interesting article! I'm hoping to see her in a Sea of Cortez mabe strand a la Gabrielle Giffords...then my vicarious pearl love will be complete :p
Hey! 'We' are in The New York Times - or, rather, pearls are. Headline:

Kamala Harris Has Always Worn Pearls. Now, in Sisterhood, So Will They.
Women across the country are pledging to wear pearls on Inauguration Day to support the country’s first female Vice President-elect.
Link: https://nyti.ms/35RHWAL
I just read this article too, and will be wearing my favorite pearls in her support!!
Interesting to see the NYT having this kind of article. Very nice!
Thank you for the share :)
Wow, her inauguration necklace is quite something! I love the mix of large gold links and pearls.
I love Wilfredo Rosado designs and have been eyeing his pearl ID collection for a while! Great choice for the inauguration!
BWeaves and EP, thank you; I was curious about Kamala's necklace, too, and knew someone here would have identified the designer! It was gorgeous and perfect for her! Her earrings appeared to be large mabes framed in gold.

Nancy Pelosi also had on a traditional strand of stunning large white SS pearls; the longer length was attractive against her white dress.