I want Kamala Harris' pearls

Thank you, Eolian Pearls, for the excellent close-up shot - and now I think I've found it! Looks like it is the "Pearl Link Necklace" by Irene Neuwirth, handmade in LA. It's listed as being made with akoyas and turquoise mounted in 18k yellow gold. Alas, it's a bit out of my price range since it retails for $26,440!!!

This gorgeous photo is from her website, https://ireneneuwirth.com/products/...&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping: N681AK.tq_720x.jpg
She has a few things in her collection from this California designer-
Just a little out of my price range.:eek:

It’s a beautiful necklace, but woah, that’s quite a price tag!
Waugh, those prices!! but it's great to know where she gets her pieces from :D
Wow. I t is a very interesting and beautiful piece. When I saw the photos I thought it was aquamarine because of how clear they look...really nice. Thank you for researching and sharing this :)
It is a very beautiful and inspiring design, that’s for sure, but I am really happy there are so many amazing and much more price friendly designers that I have discovered also thanks to this forum...
It is gorgeous. Good for her, supporting small(er) designers!

I sort of choke at big money, but I rejoice that some Dems are successful$$$, and ok, I apologize ahead of time for whatever offense I’ve given. Plus! maybe she got it on sale. Or on time. That’s a cheery thought, who doesn’t love sales.
(and it’s pretty funny that the link that shows above shows - ...ogle+shopping - Pearl ogling is our favorite thing ever!)
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I wonder if she's going get herself new pearls for Christmas for her new job. Hopeful!
KarinK, agreed! I was thinking that regardless of how anyone feels about the election outcome, we will all be able to enjoy 4 years of vice presidential pearls! ;)
That’s what I’d do! Have we seen her in GSS? What does Mrs Biden have?..... this’ll be fun, should we call it Virtual White House Shopping?...I’d love to see the glowing pearls more often.
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OMG I was thinking the same thing! I’ll look forward to see what other pieces she wears, and will be drooling all over!!
I, too, am looking forward to 4 years of Vice-Presidential pearls! I do enjoy her style very much. I have some tiny brilliant turquoise Swarovski bicones and some star cut aquamarine beads that would look lovely combined with pearls (and not break the bank). Time to have some fun with my bead and loose pearl stash.

Best to all, and I hope you all have been as safe and well as possible.

I agree, lisa c, I haven't seen her wearing any GSS strands either. Here's hoping that's her celebratory strand!

Multichrome, that design sounds lovely! I want to restring my oft ignored freshadamas (thanks, pearl shrinkage syndrome!) and add some turquoise beads, but so far I've been too nervous -- though the next time Ms. Harris wears her gorgeous Irene Neuwirth strand, I might take the plunge!
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I know pearl shrinkage syndrome so well! I’m not indulging (tight $) but I’m theoretically well on the way to WilmaFlintstone reflectors. Or Conan oBrian’s In the Year 2000 neck gear!
The first time I saw Kamala in her Irene Neuwirth Gumball necklace, it reminded me a bit of the Kojima Waterfall necklaces in white. It's a great look with the 18k gold chain links, but the price is significant.


"The necklace by Irene Neuwirth, who’s based in Harris’ home state of California, is a deconstructed riff on a classic strand. It features a playful mix of Akoya and South Sea pearls of varying sizes spaced between 18k gold chain links. These pearls are not Washington as usual. The 34” long style that Harris wore doubled up isn’t currently listed on the brand’s website, but a shorter 18” version is available for £9,633."