How can luster on photos be so high?


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Feb 6, 2016

Considering buying a pair of expensive pearls from this seller. Asked for a certificate, they said I can obtain it myself after the pearls arrive.
The seller is in Hong Kong, and said they have farm in Australia:

On the photo, how can the luster be so high?
Couldn't they be metallic freshwater pearls instead of SS? I have seen photos of metallic FW of 16-17mm ...
Eric has a point. They could be fw Edisons.

Are they priced the way you would expect SSP of that shape, size, and quality to be, or are they priced like Edisons?

If the price is too good to be true....
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As for the price, yes the price is what can be expected from a SSP of that quality that they claim it is..
Simply adorned is correct-- the seller has multiple listing of naturally colored freshwaters listed as SSP.

I think you should assume the studs you like are also FWP.
I also checked out this vendor's shop and many of the listings are shady… at best.
And the weight is 6.9 grams of each 15.6 and 15.7 pearls...
Likely to be the Edisons. From what I learned, the Edisons FW are heavier.

Thank you so much, everyone! :)
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Here's another one of their auctions... selling another ssp with the same exact qualities. And usually, sellers will specify the exact size for a one of a kind item and not be so general as to say 15-16mm.
I won't buy from this vendor. They sell freshwater pearls but list them as SSP. A strand of dyed freshwater listed as Tahitian pearls. Nope, I won't buy from them.