Fiji Pearls in Departures Magazine


Pearl Paradise
Jun 22, 2004
This just came out last week and I don't believe it's been posted here yet!

There is one pretty major announcement in this article that is somewhat hidden in the text. It's fantastic for Justin and Leanne! But it does mean we won't be getting Fijian pearls anymore (we as in Pearl Paradise). But I couldn't be happier for them!
Good for them! I'm sorry PP won't be carrying Fijian pearls going forward, but I will treasure my Fijian pendant all the more.
The best kind of luxury ... how wonderful for Justin & Leanne! I too treasure my Fiji pearls, and feel very lucky to have them :)
Thanks for sharing this article, Jeremy! Congratulations to Justin & Leanne and yes, they are truly luxury pearls. I treasure my Fijian pearls as well, and feel very fortunate to have them. :)
Such a great article and wonderful news for Justin and Leanne! Their pearls really are something special!