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1541140078021940071082.jpg I'm going to have to sell an one of these has been passed 3 generations. The pics of other pearls I'm seeing are beautiful


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As stated on the new thread you started, these look like imitation pearls. The resale value would be small.
I'm sorry I just got done reading the newbie things and details needed. Please except my apologies
No apologies needed!!

A lot of ladies of our parents' and grandparents' generation wore imitation pearls, and were proud of them. My MIL wore a strand of Prestige brand imitation pearls, and my mother wore Majorica...they both thought they had genuine pearls.
I'm not Nancy Pelosi but I like the look. :D One of my favorite Majorica strands.
I should wear this more often.

12mm multicolored Majorica, Pelosi style.jpg
Vintage triple strand of Majoricas

Vintage triple strand of Majoricas

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve had a safe and peaceful holiday!

Santa finally brought me these today via postal mail. I’d bought them on eBay a few days before Christmas. I was hoping they would be as nice as the photos, and they were. They are a 24” inch triple strand of 8mm Majoricas, and the certificate says they are from 1993. The 925 silver/vermeil clasp could use a little cleaning, but the imitation pearls are pristine. The necklace is heavy, as it should be.

It looks as though no one has ever worn them. Even the certificate has not been handled much, if at all. They have a beautiful pink overtone, but I may have to wait for stronger sunlight to note any iridescence.

I did so want some Majoricas for my collection, so I’m very happy. Now I need an occasion . . . haha, no, I will totally wear them with a Cole and Marmalade cat t-shirt, right now!

Thanks for looking! I wish those who celebrate it now a happy new year! And thank you all for your kindness to me and sharing your knowledge with me during 2019! ❤️






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Cece those are really lovely .. Congratulations and Happy New Year!
Thank you all for the kind words! PD, your Majorica pics were what inspired me to keep a lookout for a nice strand at a good price!

I forgot to say that I did not spend a lot on them ($56 incl. shipping). I did want a strand of vintage (aka older than 20 yrs) Majoricas, but I wasn’t going to pay more for them on eBay than, say, decentish-looking vintage pearls. So I jumped on these fast and hoped for the best, since the pics weren’t very hi-res.

Fuzzy neck shot, anyone? I felt unbelievably grand with them on.

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They look grand! And at that price, no buyer's remorse.
Also, it lets you experiment with styles or sizes you might not have been prepared to buy in genuine pearls.

For example, these are a petite 5mm golden 18" necklace and a 7mm white bracelet. I wasn't sure I would even like wearing such small pearls, or a straightforward round white pearl bracelet, until I bought these. These are the only 2 Majoricas I've found so far that have solid 18K gold safety clasps (not vermeil). The clasps alone were worth it. I figured if I didn't like wearing the pearls I could repurpose the clasps, but I actually do like wearing the pieces.

5mm Majorica 18%22 necklace, 750 clasp PG.jpeg

White 7mm Majorica bracelet, 750 melon clasp PG.jpeg
Those are beautiful and styled so nicely. Gorgeous clasps. I find that the ones I got are a pleasure to touch and to wear (and to stare at) in the way that genuine pearls are for me. The weight is balanced, the shape is lovely, and the pinky-cream glow is heartwarming. No buyer’s remorse for sure. :)
I find Majoricas are strung very well-- I don't know what thread they use, but it doesn't stretch, and the strands don't need restringing for many years, if ever. I have many old strands I've never had to restring.