Do you sleep with your pearls?

Aug 6, 2023
Hi everyone, curious to know if anyone in this forum wears their pearls to sleep to keep them lustrous?

I have a collection of various 45cm strands that are individually knotted and only one neck 🤩 (no Pearl maids) so I was wondering if rotating them in my bedtime routine is one way to maintain them.
No. Just for comfort reasons. I can imagine myself yanking it off in the middle of the night before knowing what I’m doing. I think of pearls as pretty durable and I’m not so cautious when it comes to worrying about losing their luster, scratching, etc.
I don't sleep in any of my jewelry. It's bad for it as things can happen when you are not awake, especially if you are a restless sleeper.
No, I don't sleep in my pearls or any other jewelry. Some of my pearls would be a rather large lump to sleep on!
Most of our pearls these days are very good quality, having been carefully sorted. Pearls of mine over 20+ years old still have their luster and beauty, imo.