Not sure how to restring with vintage clasp


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Sep 13, 2023
I bought this double strand of vintage blue baroque akoya pearls today at a local consignment store. They need to be restrung and cleaned but I think they'll be nice once that's done. I'm stumped on what to do with the clasp. It's an old silver clasp that looks like they just used knots to connect the strand to the clasp.

Should I use gimp to wrap through the hole? I don't think doing a bunch of knots makes sense. Is there a good way to use the clasp or should I just find a new one? Also, should I try to remove the tarnish from the clasp or just give it a good bath, too?

I searched to see if this had been covered in other threads but didn't find anything, so apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere.

The easiest thing would be to replace the clasp with another double-strand clasp.

But if you like the clasp and want to reuse it, I would use pliers (2 pairs) to remove the little triangular findings that have all the knots in them. I would then use a tarnish-removing cloth to wipe the tarnish off the clasp, being careful not to rub the pearl.

I would then use the pliers to attach sturdy jump rings that are wide enough for gimp to pass through to the clasp. (That assumes the little rings that are part of the clasp are too narrow for gimp to pass through.)
This is a pretty typical way to do vintage stands. String was put thru the "end caps" and knots held it in place. That actually works very well, but it is not the modern way to do it. I have strung many necklaces the Vintage way and they last as well as modern. You do need all those knots so it doesn't slip and I would add a dot of glue on high quality nylon "thread". But a more modern way will work too and you might like it better.