Could these be natural?


Joan A

Hello, I'm new here, and I love pearls!

Glad to have found this great informative site. Can't tell you how much I could have saved if I knew then, what I've now learned. But there you go.

I purchased this 72" strand at an antique fair, I was told they were natural from the 1920s. Is this possible? I paid $400, for the strand, and have really enjoyed them, I'm not really regretting the purchase. (the miki's are another story)

Would appreciate hearing what you experts think of this.

Thanks Joan


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Hi Joan, and welcome to the forum!

It definitely looks like a strand of potato pearls to me. I am certain you will hear that there are naturals that could look like those antique fair... $400... a strand that looks like millions of other potato strands coming out of China... I would say with certainty that is what they are.

Unfortunately they are not from the 1920's either. More likely from the 1990's. But, they do appear to be real! And at 72-inches, that must be a great look.

At $400 you paid about $100 per strand. To be honest, that is a bit on the high-retail side, but the fact that it is a rope makes it a bit more unique and desirable.
Hi Jeremy,

I second that opinion. They look very much like non-nucleated Chinese freshwater cultured pearls. Of course most natural pearls also look like that but they do command far higher prices. The clasp looks quite modern to me, too.

I was thinking they weren't what I was sold.. OH well we live and learn. They are fun!
Thanks for the feedback..
I agree with Jeremy on the fact that the pearls appear to be modern and look like potato pearls. The fact that you are happy with them is truly what matters most. They do look very unique and fun!
Perhaps the clasp will provide more insight to their age

Perhaps the clasp will provide more insight to their age

Besides the obvious appearance of the potato pearls, it may be easy to verify the age of the strand based on the type of clasp that was used. Unless ofcourse the seller contends that they have been restrung and that the clasp has been changed since its original stringing.
I'm not able to contact this seller anymore, the clasp looks Deco to me, but it's yello gold.

I did purchase these in the early 90's so Mr. Shepherd is right on.

I actually thought about having them X-Ray's but it doesn't matter. Would an X-Ray from the dentist office reveal if they are cultured or not?

I'm happy with them, and not planning on selling them. They are striking on, and I can knot them all sorts of ways.

This is a great site.. Thank You all..
Hello Joan,

Unfortunately you cannot use dental x-rays to give you any info on what's inside your pearls. The type of radiograph machine a pearl lab uses is modified specifically for pearls. I have tried using the huge Panorex machine I have at the office and this did not give me any better results either.

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Oh Well! I'm sure my Dentist would have gotten a laugh out of it..