Could you help me know what type of pearl it is?


Jan 24, 2024
hello friends! I didn't know about this forum and I see that it is of great help. I have these pearls and I don't know what kind of value they have. Could you help me know what type they are? thank you so much


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Muchas gracias por tu respuesta, es de mucha ayuda. la primera imagen de 17x11 mm y la segunda imagen de 12x6 mm. aunque no tengo material específico para dar una medida exacta. al tener esa llama, la de la segunda foto. ¿Esto le da mayor valor o le resta valor?
The 2nd post translates this way:

"Thank you very much for your response, it is very helpful. the first image 17x11 mm and the second image 12x6 mm. although I do not have specific material to give an exact measurement. by having that flame, the one in the second photo. Does this add value or detract from it?"

I didn't realize at first that there were 2 different pearls. Nice!
The flame pattern is very desirable.

If you are looking to sell, you might contact this person:
Thanks for the contact of the wholesaler, but wouldn't you know of any contact in Europe, since I am in that area? might be interested in selling