Choosing between a solid Tahitian strand and an ombre strand

Choosing between a solid Tahitian strand and an ombre strand

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Jun 16, 2019

I am looking to purchase my first Tahitian strand, and I could use some advice. I am looking to purchase a AAA quality strand and it will be pricey. I want to make a "timeless" decision, and would love some opinions-- would an ombre strand (focused on grey to dark colors) be as timeless as a single color darker peacock color strand?

I love the ombre look (more in the silvers, blues, peacock, dark tones- without the cherries, aubergines, and olive colors) and I love the peacock colors too...

What would you choose if you were only purchasing one Tahitian strand?

Thank you,
While one can't know what fashion will be in the future, it is hard to imagine that either choice will fail to look fabulous in years to come.
I suppose the single color strand is more likely to be timeless, but I prefer multicolor strands, personally.

Get what you love! The only opinion that will matter, now or in the future, is your own.
Thank you so much Pearl Dreams!
I am really struggling between the two ideas- probably the best idea is to look at them in person and see which one looks better.
There is nothing like seeing pearls in person, when feasible.

You could ask for more photos, in different lighting. That might help.
Whatever you choose, you will love it. But then, you'll want the other anyway, because you will love that one, too. Tahitians are addicting.
Do you mean multicolor? When I think "ombre," I think of the way the pearls are strung, from dark to light and back again, as opposed to different colors strung together.

I'd also like to speak up for Tahitians with pink overtones. Highlights, if you will. :D