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This necklace is wire wrapped, not knotted, but has a sweet story. The pendant is a piece of oyster shell my CA son found beachcombing and asked me to put it on a necklace for his and Sandy's 10th anniversary coming up this month. Luckily I had a pinch bail that fit into a natural hole in the shell. So I added 10 pearls that pick up the ivory and teal blue tones of the shell. The shell does have some sheen, and we both hand polished it a bit, too. Have thought of perhaps waxing it, but have not tried for fear of ruining it. What do you think?

I find I am enjoying the challenge of custom order and restyling beads much more than I thought I would.
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Hi Pattye -

What a great story! I think the necklace is lovely and speaks for itself without any further finishing given to that focal shell piece. I'm a wearer, though, not a beader & am curious to hear what others say.
Even when they are rough, they can still be beautiful. I love the shell and your design. :cool:
Yes, just beautiful as is. You have a very lucky daughter-in-law!


Oh another Pretty! You do such fun stuff!


Still obsessed with the knotting! Here are ropes I just finished, dyed cultured freshwater, large 10-10.5 x 12mm ovals with 6mm in between and 5mm Swarovski roundels.
Black rope is a full 64 inches, White is 74 inches, with pearls at 6mm with ovals at 9.5 x 11.5mm. Used the heavy duty Guttermann polyester thread.

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Oh Pattye,

You have done it again! Another fabulous piece!

Yea Pattye, This really turned out beautifully. Now I understand about the crystal roundels. Hope that your hands recover quickly :)
Wow Pattye - impressive knotting! Very lovely piece. :)
Wow. Pearly violence! ;) Cool pearls, though, and now you can be sure about their interiors.
Yeaaaaa!!!!! Pattye!!!!! Attagirl!!! I am glad you crossed the road. Your knotting is as good as I thought it would be!
Wendy at Pearlescence supplied these lovely large bead-nuked freshwaters for my latest project. Keshi from my stash were a perfect match! Have taken a dozen pics, but cannot capture the metallic green-gold overtones these have. Needless to say, they are mesmerizing! Thanks very much, Wendy! Size to 12mm, with the wrinkly texture I enjoy! IMGP3342.jpgIMGP3345.jpgIMGP3344.jpg