Tiny Tahitian Pearls are Starting to Get Big!

I love Tahitian pearls. I love their colors. I love their shapes. I love the beauty of the environment where they're grown. They just make me happy. I know ... all special pearls make me happy, but there is an extra-special allure with Tahitian pearls. It's better experienced than explained. I know many of you get that.

Pearl farmers understand this. Theirs is a business of passion, focusing on the creation of perfection, following traditional methods that are repeated throughout French Polynesia. Their pursuit of the perfect pearl is a constant goal.

This is why innovation in Tahitian pearl farming always intrigues me. A few years ago, Tahitian pearls seeded with baroque beads surprised me. I was excited two years ago when I stumbled across strands of Tahitian soufflé pearls in Papeete. And in 2016, and pearl farmer from Takaroa I've known for number of years introduced the first exported tiny Tahitian pearls on the market - the smallest colorful Tahitian pearls I'd ever seen (and I think Hisano appreciated them even more than I did).

Tiny Tahitian pearls from Pearl Paradise.jpg

Producing tiny Tahitian pearls is not only innovative, it's fraught with risk. Tahitian pearls are traditionally large pearls and when all other factors are equal, they are valued by size. Any pearl smaller than 10 millimeters is considered a small Tahitian pearl, and the smallest size most are accustomed to seeing is in the eight to nine millimeter range.

The producer, Alexander Collins from Takaroa, has doubled down. What began almost as a fluke is now becoming his trademark. He is producing more and more tiny Tahitian pearls.

Jennifer Heebner from the Cultured Pearl Association of America, just had the opportunity to meet with Alexander and interview him for her blog. The full story was published today.

Tiny 5 mm and 7 mm Tahitians - Did you Know They Exist?


Jeremy Shepherd
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